What Is Look Both Ways?


What Is Look Both Ways?

What is Look Both Ways and what are people saying about it? All you need to know about the headline-grabbing Netflix movie...

Netflix has become synonymous with binge-watching TV shows. The streaming service was founded in 1997 and boasts over 130 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix has been on a roll lately, releasing some of the best original content around.

Look Both Ways is no exception for people who enjoy dramas and romances. This comedy-drama- romance follows Natalie Reinhart (Long) who is a young woman living in New York City. She works an ordinary life until her life soon starts to change through romantic involvement. The narrative becomes a thought-provoking attempt to show the viewers how ordinary life can become dramatic and take unexpected turns.

Look Both Ways was released in 2022 and focuses on the story of Natalie Reincart as its main character. The film also features a stellar supporting cast that includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jameela Jamil, and more. It’s a great ensemble piece that’s full of heart and humour.

The new Netflix movie looks at how the main character faces and overcomes obstacles in this light-hearted entertainment series. Suddenly facing a new baby and an ambitious career path, Natalie faces a crossword puzzle, and the audience finds themselves cheering for her the whole way through. Natalie’s future diverged into two different paths: one where she became pregnant and remained in her hometown to raise their baby; and another where she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress.

What are people saying about Look Both Ways?

So, is this a hit or a film to skip? Overall, this Netflix romantic comedy has been well received by critics, despite some who claim that the story lacks real substance. Though, Reinhart’s leading presence captivates her audience with her sweet and well-intentioned personality. According to fans, a generic, thankless role for someone else would be boring, but Natalie Reinhart (Long) makes it interesting and gives it dimension. She has a lighthearted wit and imparts comfort and a slight comic uptick.

On the other hand, it has yet to be seen whether the show will be able to overcome its initial negative reviews. While some viewers claim this show to be bland but harmless, it speaks volumes to quietly whisper the words ‘nothing gained and nothing lost.’ Despite some harsh criticism, this gentle show has proven popular among younger female viewers in America, and it makes its way into our hearts as an innocent pleasure.

Yet some viewers claim that the plot lacks a compelling storyline and focuses too much on the characters’ relationships and unfortunate mishaps. The narrative follows a predictable course of falling in love and getting married- which supposedly seals the fate of an average female American. Moreover, it somewhat follows a predictable and uninteresting storyline that some people might get tired of.

What Is Look Both Ways?

Look Both Ways Reviews

Look Both Ways has nothing meaningful to say about any of the subjects it’s supposedly addressing,” begin Polygon in a scathing review. “Even when the filmmakers get little details right (Natalie’s animation references are spot-on and very convincing), the movie is playing the supportive friend to its audience, patting viewers on the back and talking about how everything happens for a reason, and it’ll all turn out great. Then, a few minutes later, it gets back to the important part: talking endlessly about itself.

“Netflix’s ‘Look Both Ways’ Isn’t the Feminist Movie It Wanted to Be,” cries the headline of Jezebel’s review for the film. “Because the two trajectories are wildly different,” the content continues, “it would appear as if the choice of whether or not to have a child would be a heavy one for Natalie’s character. But by the end of her story, the film didn’t deliver on any sort of thoughtful post-Roe beat, and might have actually done its viewers more harm than good.”

There are, however, more positive words to be said online. “A warmly sentimental movie ideal for a light-hearted watch,” declares The Review Geek; Decider decides that “it’s difficult to dislike Look Both Ways, which is good-hearted and a touch corny, but made all the easier to watch by its amiable cast and gentle spirit”; and Arab News have plenty of nice things to say about the lead, Lili Reinhart: “she’s such a likeable actress, playing such a likeable role that she can’t fail to be unerringly charming.”

Look Both Ways, in Conclusion

If you’re searching for a predictable and seamlessly entertaining movie, then you might be interested in giving this one a shot. Or, if you’re just in need of a quick fix to pass time, then you may enjoy watching this too. Nevertheless, despite its flaws, the movie is an enjoyable experience; Kahiu likes warm colours, soft music, and chapter breaks through animated titles. It’s safe to say that this lighthearted and fun movie has something to offer anyone who isn’t necessarily looking for something serious.