Vanity Phone Numbers for Businesses

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Vanity Phone Numbers for Businesses

Want to raise brand awareness and improve customer communication? Learn about vanity phone numbers for businesses...

The US has the largest advertising market in the world. In 2021, over $280 billion was spent in the US on advertising, followed by China and Japan with just over $90 billion and $51 billion respectively.

Marketing is an important aspect of any successful business. Businesses spend a large amount of money each year to promote their services in the hope of attracting more customers and increasing revenue.

A business phone number forms part of creating brand awareness. Vanity phone numbers specifically tailored to the business can help to raise brand awareness and increase customer communication.

Vanity Phone Numbers for Businesses

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What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity phone number is a specified sequence of numbers that spell out a memorable word, usually pertaining to the service that a specific business offers. For example, a dentist office might have a number like 1-800-DENTIST. The letters are spelled out using the corresponding numbers on the phone dialpad.

Benefits of a Vanity Phone Number

Research has shown that vanity phone numbers can increase incoming calls by 25% to 50% which could mean more sales and increased revenue. Below are a list of benefits a vanity phone number can offer a business.

1. They are memorable

People find it easier to remember words than a sequence of random numbers. A business with a clever and unique phone number will be remembered. This means that customers looking for a specific service are more likely to contact a number they can recall, than having to spend time online looking for a service.

2. Brand awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing term used to describe how recognisable a business is by only their name. A vanity phone number can increase the brand awareness of a business when used as a marketing tool. People will associate the number with the business whenever they see it.

3. Save on costs

A vanity phone number is a toll free number and can also be used with most VoIP services. Most business owners think that a vanity phone number is costly, but they actually provide a great ROI (return on investment). They also help a business to be more flexible which is a great benefit for a business looking to grow.

4. Increased credibility

Customers want to do business with credible and well-established businesses and a vanity phone number can do that. A business that makes the effort to invest in a number that is easy for its customers to remember, will be perceived as more credible.

The number makes it clear what service is on offer and can create a sense of professionalism for a business, making it more likely that customers will feel comfortable dealing with the business.

5. Flexibility

A vanity phone number is great for business owners who are on the go and travel a lot. The number can be diverted to any cell phone, meaning that a business owner can always have communication with his / her customers even when they are out of the office.

Vanity Phone Numbers for Businesses

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How To Get a Vanity Phone Number

It is easy to get a vanity phone number. You can buy a phone number from various vanity phone number services. To find out if a specific phone number is available, a number generator can be used. A name generator will generate available phone numbers instantly, making it easy to find the right number for a specific business.

A few points to remember when choosing the right vanity phone number are:

– Keep it short and simple.
– The word chosen must relate to the business services.
– Make it memorable.

A toll free number usually does not incur additional fees; however the service provider may ask for a setup fee. It is important to remember that a vanity number can be toll free or a local number. There are usually different plans to choose from at different price points

It is also possible to get a vanity phone number listed on Google by following the below steps:

1. Set up a Google “My Business Account”.
2. Complete the business profile.
3. Add the details of the business in order to increase searchability.

By obtaining a vanity phone number, you can increase the chances of your business being seen and remembered by many potential customers. Although the expense might seem like a lot to a small business owner, the return on investment is worth the cost.