Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

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Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

Renowned for its spiritual properties, there is also scientific fact that proves the incredible health benefits of silver jewellery...

Silver has been used since the dawn of civilisation for its unique properties. According to ancient lore, it wards off unseen evils and enhances spirituality. But its most important benefit, also scientifically proven, is its healing properties. The health benefits of silver are quite remarkable.

Silver is a metal with a long history of use in ornaments and jewellery. Wearing silver stud earrings or a locket gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance, in addition to providing numerous health benefits. Following are some of the most prominent health benefits silver can bestow upon its wearer.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

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1. Antimicrobial Agent

Silver helps fight infections and viruses. It aids in combating flu, healing wounds, and managing illnesses. These are no mere ramblings of a fraudster street peddler but actual scientific facts. Silver is used in many modern medical tools and equipment for precisely its antibacterial and other properties. Silver has a significant history in antibiotics and sterilisation, stretching back centuries.

In fact, silver as an antimicrobial agent has received some high-brow medical studies. “It is known that silver ions can suppress and kill bacteria.” Explains Yong Wang, assistant professor of physics and author of a study published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. “We thus expected that everything slowed down in the bacteria when treated with silver. But, surprisingly, we found that the dynamics of this protein became faster.”

“When the protein is bound to the DNA, it moves slowly together with the DNA. Which is a huge molecule in the bacteria. In contrast, when treated with silver, the proteins fall off from the DNA, moving by themselves and thus faster.”

This observation of DNA separation caused by silver ions comes from earlier work from Wang and his colleagues. Their approach was to put a strain on DNA strands by bending them, therebyfore making them more susceptible to interactions with other chemicals. Including silver ions. This approach is now patent-pending.

The National Science Foundation put up money for this study, which validates the idea of investigating the dynamics of single proteins in live bacteria. It’s an approach, says Wang, that can help researchers understand responses of bacteria to silver nanoparticles in real-time. This has been proposed for fighting against ‘superbugs’ that are resistant to prescribed antibiotics.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

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2. Internal Heat Regulation

Silver promotes internal heat regulation and circulation in its wearers. Some researchers claim silver also enhances general energy levels and helps balance mood in patients with certain mental disorders. Silver naturally balances external electrical disturbances. This helps regulate the body temperature by distributing the heat properly. Temperature balance in the body can prevent many disorders from occurring.

Heat-related illnesses, for example, happen when your body can’t cool itself quick enough. As temperatures rise, your body produces sweat to keep cool. On hot and humid days, increased moisture in the air slows this process down. When your body can’t cool, your temperature will rise. And this is when you become ill.

In hot settings, you need to be wary of the outside temperature. The heat index is not the same as the temperature. It measures temperature plus the effects of humidity. A heat index of 90°F or higher means you need to take extreme caution. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures such as these increases the risk of a heat-related illness.

On the other hand, when cold exposure exceeds your body’s ability to warm, a wide range of cold-related conditions can occur, the most common being hypothermia. Cold-related symptoms range from shivering to fatigue, and they are important warning signs. Cold stress can lead to disorientation, unconsciousness or even death.

Whether it’s becoming too hot, or too cold, maintaining your body’s temperature balance is critical to its survival. If wearing silver jewellery can help your internal heat regulation, then what are you waiting for?

Maintaining Emotional Balance

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3. Maintaining Emotional Balance

As stated above, silver promotes a healthy heat distribution in the body. It keeps the energy level up and emotional balance in the normal range. Silver can help prevent mood swings, chronic depression and suicidal ideation. It promotes mental health.

Emotional imbalance happens when you can’t exist in an effective and reasonable manner. It can feel as though your heart and mind are at war with each other. It’s possible this sort of imbalance is due to an underlying mental health disorder like depression or anxiety, however, it could just mean that you have a harder time controlling your emotions.

People who struggle with emotional imbalance often experience symptoms like stomachaches, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, and also irritability. It can be difficult to live with an imbalance, but this is not a fixed state. Finding emotional balance is critical to your overall wellbeing. Silver can help keep your energy levels up and emotional balance in the normal range. The wide range of health benefits of silver jewellery are quite remarkable.

Radiation Shielding

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4. Radiation Shielding

Background radiation is with us at all times. The majority of it occurs naturally from minerals, whist a small fraction comes from man-made elements. Naturally occurring radioactive minerals in the ground, soil, and water produce background radiation. The human body even contains some of these natural radioactive minerals, whilst cosmic radiation from space also contributes.

There can be variations in natural background radiation levels from location to location, as well as changes in the same place over time. Protecting yourself against it can have a positive impact on your health.

Which takes us back to silver. Silver is also a great thermal and electrical conductor. Silver cations (positive ions) produce a conduction field to reflect EM radiations. In this digital age, most everyday tools emit radiation, including cell phones and Wi-Fi. We need silver to protect us from this radiation that constantly surrounds us. Silver also promotes the body’s natural conduction, which in turn improves balance and general well-being.

Elasticity in Blood Vessels

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5. Elasticity in Blood Vessels

Blood vessels in us, like other animals, have vascular ‘smooth muscles’ that can relax and contract to accommodate fluctuations in our body’s blood flow and volume. A thin layer of ‘endothelial cells’ in the vessels serves as a sensor mechanism to help regulate this process. Proper function of the endothelial cells is, in turn, driven by specific enzymes and signalling pathways.

We have known for some time that blood vessels lose much of their capacity to relax as they age. About half of that capacity, even in healthy vessels, according to research. If the vessels are narrowed by atherosclerotic lesions, the problem is further compounded. High blood pressure is often the result, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and, ultimately death. Cue silver.

Silver helps keep our blood vessels elastic. This elasticity provides countless benefits to the body, such as healing, bone formation, skin maintenance, and more. Southampton University researchers have proven that a certain kind of silver ring helps improve arthritis symptoms in the hands. Furthermore, it enhances the range of motion and stability of movement in the swollen joints.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

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6. Revealing Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals are elements naturally found in the earth and are used in many modern-day applications. Such as agriculture, medicine, and industry. Your body even contains some naturally. Zinc, iron and copper, for example, are needed for regular body function. Heavy metal poisoning occurs when your body’s soft tissues absorb too much of a particular metal.

Silver helps us avoid certain toxic substances. It reacts and turns colour when encountering some other chemicals or toxins. For example, if your silver ring turns blue, it could mean sodium levels are elevating in your body. This indication can serve as a reminder that you must start cutting back on salty foods.

Last Word

Silver is a unique metal, and humans have used it almost throughout recorded history. Its aesthetic appeal is a bonus, but the health benefits make it too hard to ignore. No need to get decked in gaudy silver ornaments; a few simple pieces will do. They will keep you looking beautiful, in addition to keeping you healthy. What more do you want?