Health Benefits of Silver You Never Thought About

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Health Benefits of Silver You Never Thought About

Do you know about the health benefits of silver? Unsure how this metal helps your body and immune system? Learn more here...

Is silver good for healing? Many cultures use it for wellbeing treatments, but some people aren’t convinced. We know it has many advantages, and we use it as a supplement because healing comes from within and is found in unsuspecting places. Here are some of the health benefits of silver you may not have known about.

Silver is a soft white precious metal with numerous qualities – it’s electrically and thermally conductive, found in Earth’s crust, and considered precious in many ways. In history, it was one of seven metals used in prehistoric Europe and the Middle East, and it was traded and mined by the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, and Romans.

The metal has a long history of use in ornaments and jewellery. Wearing silver stud earrings or a locket gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance, in addition to providing numerous health benefits. Following are some of the most prominent health benefits silver can bestow upon its wearer.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

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The Uses and Health Benefits of Silver Throughout History

From 3,000 BC to the Middle Ages, this metal was used for money, figurines, and decor. Some uses that likely influenced our view of silver’s healing properties today were in wine and food containers (for fighting bacteria,) spoons (utilised during the Bubonic Plague for protection,) and in water and milk on long journeys to slow degradation.

Ancient literature confirms its healing and calming qualities. In Greek culture, silver represents the Moon, moonlight, and the goddess Artemis. According to the myth, it symbolises femininity, calmness, and positive energy. Some of this mythology and folklore rings true today, as this metal is beautiful in appearance and many religious groups believe it has protective and even magical properties.

After all, it’s no coincidence it’s often the main weapon in pop culture for battling supernatural enemies such as vampires and werewolves. Connection with the Moon can be seen even in medieval alchemy – it has the moniker ‘LVNA’ (Luna,) which gives it mystical powers.

Contemporary Applications and Possible Future of Silver in Health

Starting with the 19th century, the precious metal began its life as legit medical material – from sutures and dressings to eyedrops for fighting conjunctivitis. And not only that. As time went on, it became ever more indispensable. Today, it’s in nearly everything that surrounds us, and you probably wouldn’t guess where it’s to be found. Here are some examples:

— Electronic devices,
— Laundry detergents,
— Solar panels,
— Cars,
— Mirrors,
— Film reels.

Furthermore, due to its antibacterial properties, silver’s slowly finding its way into clothes. Worrying about bad smells from our garments may soon be a thing of the past.

What Kind of Silver Can We Use? From Topical to Water Solutions

The health benefits of silver and its many uses in practical medicine and daily life don’t go unnoticed. But did you know that you can use it in many shapes and forms? There are three that we know of today, not including sulphates and extractions of the metal. They are topical, colloidal (or in water,) and as jewellery and objects.

Topical Solutions Are Great for Skin Use

Topical solutions are used on bandages and dressings. During World War I, soldiers carried silver leaf bandages and dressings to battle to help fight infections. Today, many bandages like these help treat burns, wounds, and infections.

Based on lots of information about these times, the topical solution was also found in medicine used to treat conjunctivitis in newborns.

Water Solutions Can Be Good Immune System Supplements

These solutions are often known as silver water. But what is colloidal silver water used for, and where can it be found? You can find this product in some pharmacies, including Walgreens and CVS, and online on Amazon.

These solutions are typically ingested in teaspoon amounts.

Non-Supplemental Uses Include Wearing Jewellery

There are other options for using this metal for your well-being – wearing jewellery. This is the safest use of this metal as there’s no ingestion, but you can still reap the advantages. The next time you wish to invest in some jewellery and accessories, get some rings, bracelets, or necklaces made from silver.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

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What Are the Health Benefits of Silver and Products Containing It?

The most common question about this metal is probably “Does silver prevent infection?” That’s what we’ve been told, perhaps in some folk tales or from our grandmothers and friends who enjoy holistic and homeopathic treatments.

Silver’s positive sides are great and can significantly improve healthy individuals’ immune systems. It’s been utilised in medical equipment and for fighting diseases since ancient times, and we can count on it today to help us improve our conditions.

Here are the most evident and essential advantages of this metal.

Improves Circulation and Body Heat

Wearing jewellery made from this metal does not just look beautiful – it can heal, too. This noble and beautiful metal protects from infections, boosts blood flow and circulation, and regulates body heat. It can also protect from severe electrical disturbances and shocks because it’s conductive.

The silvery feel on your skin isn’t just great for beauty, although wearing it for style is good enough. Learning that it can also boost your circulation and increase your energy levels should motivate you enough to get some silver jewellery today.

In hot settings, you need to be wary of the outside temperature. The heat index is not the same as the temperature. It measures temperature plus the effects of humidity. A heat index of 90°F or higher means you need to take extreme caution. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures such as these increases the risk of a heat-related illness.

On the other hand, when cold exposure exceeds your body’s ability to warm, a wide range of cold-related conditions can occur, the most common being hypothermia. Cold-related symptoms range from shivering to fatigue, and they are important warning signs. Cold stress can lead to disorientation, unconsciousness or even death.

Whether it’s becoming too hot, or too cold, maintaining your body’s temperature balance is critical to its survival. If wearing silver jewellery can help your internal heat regulation, then what are you waiting for?

Even Doctors are Wearing It These Days

The health benefits of silver extend to the very top of the medical industry. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of a reliable facemask. And silver’s up to the task. Surgical masks with silver particles added to the fibre have been approved by the FDA, and they can, according to some studies, neutralise almost all bacteria within a certain time span.

Also, silver’s found its way into new and improved lab coats. Metal’s antimicrobial properties keep coats free of harmful microbes and even prevent the occurrence of bad smells. A handy addition, knowing how long shifts in hospitals can be.

Biosensors are a New Field of Usage

Nowadays, many chronic diseases (like heart conditions or diabetes) require the use of biosensors. They track the levels of this or that chemical in the body or some other diagnostics, alerting the patient or the doctor when something is off. Wires made of nanosilver are a new addition to the technology, and they will likely help to improve the mechanism’s performance.

When talking about biosensors, especially wearable ones for diabetics and glucose monitoring, it’s important to note that these sensors work 7-14 days in continuity. That is plenty of time for infection, irritation, or rash to develop. That’s why tiny needles in these systems are often infused with silver particles.

Silver Can Help Maintain Emotional Balance

As stated above, silver promotes a healthy heat distribution in the body. It keeps the energy level up and emotional balance in the normal range. Silver can help prevent mood swings, chronic depression and suicidal ideation. It promotes mental health.

Emotional imbalance happens when you can’t exist in an effective and reasonable manner. It can feel as though your heart and mind are at war with each other. It’s possible this sort of imbalance is due to an underlying mental health disorder like depression or anxiety, however, it could just mean that you have a harder time controlling your emotions.

People who struggle with emotional imbalance often experience symptoms like stomachaches, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, and also irritability. It can be difficult to live with an imbalance, but this is not a fixed state. Finding emotional balance is critical to your overall wellbeing. Silver can help keep your energy levels up and emotional balance in the normal range, which would something like a friendship necklace the perfect gift for a pal who struggles with their emotions. The wide range of health benefits of silver jewellery are quite remarkable.

It Can Even Increase Elasticity in Blood Vessels

Blood vessels in us, like other animals, have vascular ‘smooth muscles’ that can relax and contract to accommodate fluctuations in our body’s blood flow and volume. A thin layer of ‘endothelial cells’ in the vessels serves as a sensor mechanism to help regulate this process. Proper function of the endothelial cells is, in turn, driven by specific enzymes and signalling pathways.

We have known for some time that blood vessels lose much of their capacity to relax as they age. About half of that capacity, even in healthy vessels, according to research. If the vessels are narrowed by atherosclerotic lesions, the problem is further compounded. High blood pressure is often the result, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and, ultimately death. Cue silver.

Silver helps keep our blood vessels elastic. This elasticity provides countless benefits to the body, such as healing, bone formation, skin maintenance, and more. Southampton University researchers have proven that a certain kind of silver ring helps improve arthritis symptoms in the hands. Furthermore, it enhances the range of motion and stability of movement in the swollen joints.

Maintaining Emotional Balance

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The Antibacterial Effects

As mentioned, cutlery, plates, and cups have been made from silver since the dawn of time because of their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Whether applied as a balm or in form of a liquid solution, it will aid your immune system in disease prevention.

People who take supplements daily, notice that they’re more resistant to flu and viruses (great during the flu season, for sure) and have lower chances of contracting bacterial infections. But that’s not all. Did you know that silver salts can kill bacteria like E.Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Gonorrhea even in small concentration of about 0.1%?

It Disinfects More Than Just Surfaces

One of the main advantages of silver as a disinfectant is that it contains no toxic chemicals. EPA has conducted extensive research and approved several products of that kind, and many are used in hospitals all across the US.

Furthermore, silver salts can disinfect the body, too. It has been proven that these particles will clear out many toxins from the body. For example, all too common mercury poisoning can make someone’s day a nightmare, but silver acts as an antidote for it. Apply it timely, and the healing process will be much faster.

Silver’s Helpful for Toenails

Whoever spent time near people with fungus on their feet knows the level of unpleasantness that comes with it. To make matters worse, the fungus are usually stubborn and difficult to remove. But that’s no problem for silver nitrates, as they can remove them from toes and nails in record time.

Even Bedding is Made Safer

Nanosilver has found its way into bed mats as well. And for a good reason. For starters, they will prevent bedsores in patients who must remain in bed for a long time. And even better, silver particles are hydrophilic. Put in lay terms, their antibacterial power will be increased every time they come into contact with any type of moisture. Yes, bodily fluids included.

It Helps the Body Battle a Range of Diseases

When something is antimicrobial and antibacterial, it means it can kill bacteria and viruses. This metal can also help reduce fungal infections and assist with arthritis and cancer.

Positively charged ions of the metal are in charge of attacking and fighting bacteria, and although it hasn’t been proven how they do it, it’s been proven that they do. Some research stipulates that these ions break the bacterial and fungal cells’ barriers and kill them when they come into contact.

Whatever the reason, we can take advantage of the fact that it heals and prevents more infections from appearing.

Silver Lowers the Risks for Patients on Ventilation

Ventilators have become another staple of life during Covid-19. Anyone unlucky enough to need assisted breathing has to be intubated, which increases the risks of pneumonia and many other diseases. Coat the tube with silver, and that risk is lowered by 40% (give or take a few). That’s a serious percentage in the antibacterial fight.

It Even Helps You to Quit Smoking

Smoking – pleasurable curse, if you ask smokers. Whatever is said, it is certain that it creates an addiction. To fight it, you may use – silver. Using sprays, gums, and other products containing it won’t lower your desire to smoke but sure will make the experience much less enjoyable.

It Can Heal Wounds and Expedite Skin Healing

Is silver in general, and colloidal silver good for acne? Yes! Because of its healing properties, it can be used for various diseases and issues. We can utilize silver leaf bandages and dressings for wounds and inflammation and creams with silver sulphadiazine for acne treatment.

The water-based solution also treats and takes care of acne. Acne diseases are mostly caused by Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria, but there are also fungal acnes caused by yeast infections. Since silver water solutions are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, you can use them to treat this very inconvenient condition.

Silver Detects Acidity and Warns of Other Underlying Issues

When you wear something made of this metal, and it takes on a different colour, don’t think you’ve been sold a dupe, although that would probably be everyone’s first impression.

This metal can react and change colour when in contact with acidic and toxic substances. When you sweat, the acidic nature of it can impact the colour of the jewellery; if it turns blue, that might mean you have high salt levels in your body.

So, if you suddenly notice your fine jewellery’s gone blue, it likely indicates that you should limit acidic food and beverage intake. This is extremely helpful when you have underlying issues and don’t know how to determine what they are.

Radiation Shielding

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Is Silver Safe for Medical Usage? A Few Health Warnings

Still, you might be tempted to ask what does silver do to your body over a longer term. As you can read in the lines albove, the healing properties of silver are many and well-documented. Your skin will thank you for its application, and you’ll be much better protected against bacteria.

Generally speaking, healthy people can apply it daily without repercussions. So, in short, yes, silver is safe for human usage, especially in amounts surrounding us.

However, whatever the internet may say, it’s not a panacea. It won’t heal cancer (nor Covid,) and it’s not a suitable replacement for conventional medical care or a reason to postpone seeing a physician in case of medical issues. And as with every other good thing in life, it can turn to ill if misused.

While supplements containing this metal can help, they can also be detrimental to some, for example, folks who have certain conditions or are on some form of medical therapy. Let’s deal with a few common dilemmas regarding silver and its solutions.

Skin Discoloration – Argyria

The one issue that gets mentioned very often as the negative side effect of this metal’s particle ingestion is argyria. This skin discoloration disease affects people overly exposed to the metal.

Exposure can come from abuse of dietary supplements, silver-infused medication, or spending time in an environment filled with silver particles.

The skin of those suffering from argyria turns blue or gray, and in more extreme cases, it can happen to a person’s eyes and even internal organs. So far, there is no known cure for it. This disease is rare, and there’s little research and information about it, but it can be severe if a person’s exposed to particles for too long.

Silver Can Interfere With the Body’s Absorption of Medication

Many of us may be tempted to ask is silver better than antibiotics, but that can’t be easily answered. While the health benefits of silver are clear, and it is an antibacterial substance, it’s still advised as a supplement, not a replacement.

If a doctor has prescribed you antibiotics, you must leave out the liquid and topical solutions until you feel better. The ions in the metal are there to detect and eliminate alien cells and bodies, and antibiotics could fall into that category.

Additionally, if a patient’s on thyroid medication, silver-containing solutions can significantly decrease its effects. Such medicine isn’t cheap, so it’s best not to take risks or reduce them as much as possible. It goes without saying that anyone considering using supplements along with antibiotics should consult their doctor before doing so.

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Silver

Pregnant women must be careful when consuming supplements in general because there could be many unwanted effects, and baby could be affected. That’s why doctors recommend cutting out alcohol, cigarettes, salty and fatty foods, and anything that isn’t natural or necessary.

Since this metal isn’t a natural part of our bodies and we can’t have a deficit, expecting mothers should avoid these solutions wherever possible. However, there are no rules to wearing jewellery made of this metal, nor a baby could be in jeopardy from it. In any case, it’s much better than wearing fake jewellery.

Costume jewellery can easily contain materials that irritate and discolour the skin. Some are even more dangerous, and contain lead, cadmium or arsenic, which can be poisonous, deadly, or cause kidney issues.

Incredible Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery

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The Health Benefits of Silver Are Clear to See

As you can see, silver’s presence in many areas of life, including medicine and technology, is inevitable. But it is also incredibly helpful – numerous fields of medicine have benefited and undoubtedly will benefit from the application of silver. If just wearing a silver necklace can act as a diagnostic tool that something is wrong with your body chemistry, imagine what more complex things it can do.

Silver is a unique metal, and humans have used it almost throughout recorded history. Its aesthetic appeal is a bonus, but the health benefits make it too hard to ignore. No need to get decked in gaudy silver ornaments; a few simple pieces will do. They will keep you looking beautiful, in addition to keeping you healthy. The health benefits of silver are clear for all to see; what more do you want?

It won’t just look good on your skin – it will make your skin look good, among other health benefits.