Visiting Atlanta and the Surrounding Area

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Visiting Atlanta and the Surrounding Area

U.S. Travel Secrets: A few beautiful spots for you to discover when visiting Atlanta and the Georgia capital's surrounding area...

Beautiful Spots to Discover When Visiting Atlanta and the Surrounding Area.

Atlanta is the capital city of the state of Georgia in the United States. It is a Southern city with a rich history and plenty of tourist attractions. Though Atlanta started as a sole military outpost, it has become a massive cultural and economic centre in the country. Many large multinational companies have their headquarters in Atlanta.

If you are a tourist thinking of visiting Atlanta, you will have plenty of options. The following are some beautiful spots to visit in and around Atlanta…

Georgia Aquarium

One sight to see and behold when you are in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world. It features plenty of marine life, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands. You will get to see whale sharks which are the largest creatures in the ocean.

The aquarium is a great place to visit because of its natural beauty and the activities available for visitors. A feature that sets the Georgia Aquarium apart from other aquariums worldwide is that you can dive into the aquarium and snorkel with the creatures.

You will swim right along with the animal trainers in the massive aquarium if you have the heart for it. It will be an experience to never forget, especially for children who love marine wildlife.

Beautiful Spots to Discover When Visiting Atlanta and the Surrounding Area

Photo, Tristin Zeman.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

A fantastic place with incredible natural beauty in Atlanta is its Botanical Gardens. It is a lovely place where you can drive quickly from the Atlanta city centre. However, like any big city, you need to drive carefully, so if you happen to be involved in a car accident, view this site to contact a lawyer.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a series of gardens with wonderful flowers and glorious trees that add a natural element to Atlanta’s urban landscape. With the variety of plant life at the gardens, you are assured that something is in bloom all year round, making it a fantastic attraction.

Some of the best gardens you will find in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens include the Japanese garden, the Conservation garden, the Orchid Display House, and the Rose garden. However, you will be best suited to visiting the gardens in spring when most flowers are blooming. It is a sight to behold that will definitely take your breath away.

Martin Luther Jr. Historic National Site

When visiting Atlanta, you have to appreciate the city’s history, especially the civil rights movement history. The two-block site will give you insight into the struggle that civil rights activities endured. It also includes the birthplace of the most famous activist, Martin Luther King.

There are many attractions on the site, including Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King and his father were ministers. There is also Martin Luther King’s grave which is next to the Freedom Hall Complex.

Entry to the site is free, and you will get a free tour by the National Park Service. It is an excellent place to visit to embrace your history and humanity. Its beauty is in the reaction it causes within you.

Beautiful Spots to Discover When Visiting Atlanta and the Surrounding Area

Photo, Greg Keelen.

Atlanta Zoo

Though many people come to Atlanta to eat and visit some of the most famous barbecue spots, there are plenty of beautiful sights to see. One place that offers incredible natural beauty is the Atlanta Zoo.

The zoo will offer you an incredible view of the animal kingdom. The Atlanta Zoo has a wide variety of animals, some of which you might have never seen before. The history of the zoo is almost as intriguing as the animals within it. Apparently, the zoo began when a travelling circus broke down in the city in the late 19th century. Incapable of moving on, the circus started tending to the animals, and soon other animals were added to their collection, turning it into a zoo.

Atlanta Zoo is one of four zoos in the United States with massive pandas.

There are many other beautiful places to see when visiting Atlanta, including Piedmont Park and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. However, the places above are a must-see. Especially if you have children. The natural beauty in the sites will make your trip a memorable one.