Are Online Slot Games Popular In New Zealand?

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Are Online Slot Games Popular In New Zealand?

Are online slot games popular In New Zealand? Very much so. Learn more about the rise and rise of online casino games...

Are online slot games popular in New Zealand? In fact, they are/ Online gambling or casino games have been popular in New Zealand for some time now, especially the slot games on Wildz online casino.

There are many massive wins by New Zealanders that have in turn inspired fellow countrymen to play online casino games. For instance, the jackpot win of Rawiri Pou in 2017 by playing the famous Mega Moolah game. Especially so as he won a whopping $10 million. And it’s not a scam or some hoax news.

So the scenario of online gambling in New Zealand looks positive indeed. Let’s look at it in a little more detail.

The New Zealand Government has been highly supportive

Though the government does not license online casinos, it also does not stop its citizens from playing offshore online casinos. The government also does not tax such earnings. The motivation is generated for New Zealanders to know that playing online slots is not illegal in the country and does not bring any legal complications for them.

The online casinos which are not based out of New Zealand are definitely beyond the jurisdiction of its government. Hence, the New Zealand government does not regulate them. However, these casinos are based out of countries such as Britain, Malta, Gibraltar, etc. Here there are significant regulations to verify the legality and honesty of the casinos. People from New Zealand can check the legal status of the casinos. They can choose any casino which they find is well regulated. 

Are Online Slot Games Popular In New Zealand?

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New Zealanders are known to spend around $600 per year on online gambling

This is a significant amount and speaks volumes about the love of the people for online gambling. The availability of lots of good games has helped in the growth of the numbers. Themed slots like Harry Potter series or classic slots, all of these are available. There are over 300 slot games available to choose from. Out of these 300+ slot games, the most famous and widely played slots are Mega Joker, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Joker Strike, Blood Suckers, and Hot Ink.

The ready access to smartphones has fuelled a rise in access to online casino games

It is estimated that today 90% of the population of New Zealand has access to smartphones. The number has risen by 46% from 2013. Moreover, the country has a good gaming culture, with 70% of its population avidly playing video games and casino games. And, as already pointed out, they also are very broad-minded when it comes to spending on online games.

Attractive joining bonuses

Highly lucrative and legit joining bonuses when opening an account in slot games has also contributed to the rise in online gambling games in New Zealand. People have got as much as $50 for simply opening an account.

Considering these varied aspects of the online gambling scenario in New Zealand, it is indeed clear that online gambling is not just popular in this country. New Zealand’s people ardently love online casino games.