Why the ‘Perfect Beach Body’ Doesn’t Exist

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Why the ‘Perfect Beach Body’ Doesn’t Exist

Summer is in the air, and a familiar problem is on the horizon. Let's bust the myth and learn why the 'Perfect Beach Body' doesn’t exist...

Summer is in the air, and that means everyone’s getting excited for long hot days and fun in the sun. Yet for many of us, it’s also the season of looking at ourselves in the mirror and reminding ourselves that there’s too much in all the wrong places. Beating back that endless litany could be the hardest step you’ll ever take, but also one of the most worthwhile. Today we dive a little deeper into why banishing the notion of the ‘perfect beach body’ could be the best thing you ever do.

Why the 'Perfect Beach Body' Doesn’t Exist

Photo, Petar Dopchev.

Every body is a beach body: This slogan has become something of a battle cry, a rallying point to remind each of us that we’re good enough as we are. However, the real battle is never won through cute slogans. Even as the words trip off your tongue, you may be eyeing yourself in the mirror and wondering how to buy a suit that will cover your flaws. Whether it’s stretch marks, some loose skin from your last pregnancy, or a general perception that you need to lose weight, tone up, or get a tan, those thoughts may be present whether we want them to be or not.

Of course, the fat-shaming bikini body ads are in full flow, too, making sure that you find something to worry about even if you were feeling pretty good through winter. Even if you know better, it’s hard to remember that health, success, and society’s airbrushed images of skinny models don’t correlate.

Body acceptance is powerful: The constant bombardment of images of skinny bodies may drive you to feel insecure, but it’s time to beat the body-shamers once and for all. You miss out on a whole lot of life trying to live up to other people’s standards. Embracing the notion that each body fits in at the beach could well be an earth-shattering idea, but the steps to body confidence and feeling great about yourself are some of the most important you could take. Don’t be afraid to spend some time working on your body positivity rather than beating up your own perfect beach body this summer.

Find a suit that speaks to you: While you’re working hard on celebrating the body you have, find yourself a suit that makes you feel great. Don’t feel confined to cookie-cutter choices, either. Here we have lovely swimwear to celebrate the season that offers full coverage if you don’t feel bold enough yet, or you can opt for a rash guard to stave off the sun (your skin will thank you) and look like a true surfing professional. Cool linens offer versatility and coverage if you’re a little shy. Even if you dare to bare a little more, remember to buy what fits well and makes you feel good, not what you ‘think’ you should to please other people.

Make this summer the one where you shed your inhibitions instead of those pounds, and embrace the strong and healthy person you really are. You already have the perfect beach body. Embrace it.