Where Businesses Go Wrong With Online Marketing

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Where Businesses Go Wrong With Online Marketing

Online marketing is more difficult than it seems, and businesses can end up losing lots of money, discover five ways where many go wrong...

You’re probably reading this page because you run a business or manage an organisation, and you’re worried you might be doing your online marketing wrong. After all, what you don’t want to do is blow your marketing budget by doing the wrong promotional work. Online marketing is quite a broad niche, and one where a lot of people end up wasting time and money.

Five Ways Organisations Go Wrong With Their Online Marketing

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You’re undoubtedly keen to avoid that happening, so with that in mind, check out these avoidable examples to help your organisation grow…

1. They Work With the Wrong People: One of the biggest mistakes many businesses and organisations make is entrusting their online marketing to the wrong people. Sadly, anyone can call themselves an online marketing expert and claim to offer results. That’s why it makes sense to check any marketer’s credentials before investing your time and money with them. Also, you should ensure they have intimate knowledge of your industry to provide a truly tailored solution that best meets your needs. For example, medsolve.com.au works exclusively with clients in the medical sector. You wouldn’t ask them for help if you run a car dealership. Nor would you ask constructiondigitalmarketing.com to assist your university with online marketing.

2. They Don’t Know What They Want: Sure, knowing that you need help with your online marketing is a step in the right direction. However, if you don’t have any clearly-defined goals in mind, you’re just throwing away your money. Before you do any online marketing or pay someone to do it for you, make sure you have a set of marketing goals your organisation wishes to achieve. For instance, you might want to increase your social media reach or drive more targeted visitors to your website.

3. They Won’t Spend Any Money: Let’s face it, any organisation won’t want to spend any money if they can help it. Unfortunately, business expenses are inevitable with organisations of any size. And that means they’ll have to spend some money on their online marketing. It’s worth researching how to achieve your online marketing goals while spending as little as possible. That way, you can set yourself a realistic budget for your marketing activities. Don’t assume you can do everything without spending a penny; it’s just not feasible.

Five Ways Organisations Go Wrong With Their Online Marketing

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4. They Spend Too Much Money: While it makes sense to have a marketing budget, some organisations act as though they have an unlimited funding source. Failing to keep an eye on your online marketing spend will inevitably affect your organisation’s bottom line. Have a realistic budget in mind and stick to it. Check out this article by entrepreneur.com on some examples of low-cost marketing ideas.

5. They Don’t Measure Any Results: You’ve decided to set a five-figure monthly sum on your Google Ads campaigns. You believe the campaigns are successful because you’re getting people visiting your website and buying stuff. But how do you know where your website visitors come from? If you don’t measure the results of your online marketing efforts, you’ll have no idea whether anything is working well or not.