Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

From complex proteins for your hair to keeping a simple diary, the many ways that you can overhaul your health and beauty regime...

If you’re looking to revamp your health and beauty regime, you may be feeling at a bit of a loss regarding where to begin. Don’t panic, though, what follows are some excellent suggestions to help you so that you can achieve all of your beauty and health goals. Read on to discover some great tips that can help you get started.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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Make the most of teeth whitening strips: The best place to start is with your smile. After all, this tends to be the first thing that we notice about another person. It also makes a massive difference in terms of your confidence, too. You may think you need to spend a fortune, but this is not the case. Crest Whitestrips are perfect for helping you to get the pearly, white smile you have been dreaming about.

Use Keratin treatments: Many of you may have often seen products for hair and skin that contain Keratin or you may have witnessed Keratin based treatments whilst in your local pharmacy or cosmetic shop. However, you may not actually be aware of what Keratin actually is and what it is used for. Thus, a lot of people often deter from buying such products because of this uncertainty.

What is Keratin? Keratin is a protein that is made up of different amino acids. It is very strong and is in fact responsible for the makeup of our hair, teeth, nails, and even our skin. Nevertheless, there are a whole host of different types of Keratin out there and this all depends on the break up of the amino acids; how many are present and what type of amino acids make up the Keratin. For instance, you can get soft Keratin like our skin yet on the other hand you can get hard Keratin, for example, hooves. However, you may be surprised to learn that in fact most of the Keratin we experience is actually dead, for example, the Keratin cells that make up our skin are in fact not even alive.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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What does Keratin do? Now we have established what Keratin actually is, it is now essential to explain why Keratin is beneficial and what it can actually do. As previously stated; Keratin is a protein. Proteins are extremely beneficial for the growth and upkeep of our hair, and Keratin is no different. In fact, Keratin can offer great benefits to our skin, nails, and teeth as well. There are a whole host of different Keratin products available and thus you can find a product to cater to you and your needs.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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What types of Keratin are available? There are a whole host of different Keratin products on offer and you will be surprised to learn which products you can actually find Keratin in. For instance, hydrolyzed Keratin is used in the following various products; foundation, body treatments, face treatments, conditioner, mascara, shampoo, lipstick, and body wash to name but a few. You may now be wondering what hydrolyzed Keratin is and what the difference is between this and normal Keratin. Hydrolyzed Keratin is simply a lot stronger and you can tell this by its strong odour and distinct amber colouring. Because it is a lot stronger it provides a lot more protection and a whole host of added benefits to your hair and skin.

Hopefully, you will now be fully aware of what Keratin actually is and most importantly what it can do for you. It is extremely great for your hair, teeth, nails, and skin and thus it is highly recommended that you reap the rewards the strong protein has to offer. Remember, there are a whole host of differing Keratin products available and thus if you require something strong then remember to opt for hydrolyzed Keratin.

Keep a beauty diary: Do you use lots of different products on your skin, yet you don’t really know whether they are working or not? This is why it makes sense to keep a beauty diary. You can make a note of your routine, as well as any benefits you may have experienced. This also helps to keep you honest, ensuring you do not miss out on any important beauty and health procedures.

You can also use your diary to track how much water you drink per day. You probably already know that it is important to have eight glasses of water today. However, if most people are honest, this is not something they are achieving. By maintaining a beauty diary, you will be able to make sure that you keep track every time you drink water so that you know you’re not missing out. Dehydration can cause all sorts of problems.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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Match your perfume to your personality: Finding a perfume that suits your personality is absolutely essential! When a person smells your scent it should send a clear and alluring message and instantly captivate them. If your perfume does not match you and your image then you are simply giving out a confusing message and you won’t really create a striking impact. However, if your perfume matches you perfectly then the world is your oyster as you really can attract anyone.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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To give you a head start, here’s a rundown on some of the most common scents found within perfumes today with a description of what type of people they suit and what sort of message they will give off…

Floral: Floral fragrances are ideal for those with a feminine and girly personality. If you are a typical girly girl then a floral fragrance is a must. It can also symbolise romance and love as well. So if you are going on a date or planning something romantic then a floral fragrance will aid the situation perfectly.

Popular floral fragrances available include: Gloria Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt; Kylie Minogue, Daring; Elizabeth Taylor, White Diamonds; Sarah Jessica Parker, NYC; Dolce & Gabbana, Rose the One; Cacharei, Amor Amor; and Versus, Red Jeans.

Fruity: Fresh and fruity fragrances are available in an array of different types of exotic and tantalising smells. These perfumes are great for those who love to be active and outside experiencing what the outdoor’s have to offer. Also, individuals who are exotic and thrive on the natural aspects of life.

Popular fruit fragrances available include: Lanvin, Eclat d’Arpege; Moschino, Cheap & Chic; Ed Hardy, Love & Luck; BOSS, BOSS Orange; Thomas Sabo, Charm Kiss; Beyonce, Heat Rush; and Anna Sui, Flight of Fancy.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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Woody: Woody fragrances are quite a popular choice and you will often find that they suit those who are independent and not afraid of going for what they want. If you are strong-minded and thrive on a challenge then a woody fragrance will only enhance your strong and bold personality.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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Popular woody fragrances available include: Bench, An Urban Original; Vera Wang, Preppy Princess; Elizabeth Arden, Arden Beauty; Guerlain, Champs Elysees; Estee Lauder, Knowing; and Emporio Armani, She.

Chypre: If you are a kind and good-willed person who is laid back and generally at ease then chypre scents will be perfectly placed alongside your adorable personality. Your overall niceness as a person will be apparent even more by the niceness of your smell.

Popular chypre fragrances available include: Estee Lauder, Sensuous Noir; Rihanna, Reb’l Fleur; Jimmy Choo, Jimmy Choo; Van Cleef & Arpels, Oriens; Lancome, Hypnose Senses; and Beckham, Signature.

Ambers: Finally, an amber scent is an ideal option for those that are mysterious and sexy without being too obvious. Those wearing this fragrance have an intriguing aspect to them and an element that draws in the opposite sex for reasons they are often unaware of.

Popular amber fragrances available include: Dannii & Tabitha, Project D by Dannii & Tabitha; Jennifer Lopez, Love and Glamour; Chloe, Chloe 1975; Elizabeth Arden, Sunflowers; Calvin Klein, Obsession; and Paul Smith, Extreme.

Revamping Your Health And Beauty Regime

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Consider a diet overhaul: It is not just about the different products that you use; it is also about your attitude to food and nutrition. This is imperative if you are to maintain beautiful skin, hair, and nails. A lot of people undervalue the importance of this, so don’t be one of them. If you are not able to get all of the nutrients and good stuff that you need from your diet, it is worth looking into supplements. You can easily get everything from cranberry supplements to vitamin A and B supplements, so you should have no trouble finding what you need.

You need to figure out what is going to be right for you. This is done by looking at what is missing from your diet, as well as considering your goals and what you want to achieve. Once you have done this, you will be the best place to understand the supplements you need; if any.

To conclude, there are many different ways that you can boost your beauty and health regime. We all need to mix things up from time-to-time, especially if you feel like you have hit a bit of a brick wall and you are not getting the results you had hoped for.