Must-Have Gadgets When Moving Office

Photo, Annie Spratt.


Must-Have Gadgets When Moving Office

New year, new office space? Changing your working environment is a great opportunity to consider new gadgets that can improve health and productivity...

Should you be starting up a new office space or expanding to larger premises as your business grows, moving offices gives you the opportunity to rethink the areas of your space that aren’t working so efficiently; reconsider working practices so that you can improve your working life. If could be something practical, such as a technical accessory, but more important to consider of late are toold that can improve the health and wellbeing of yourself and your colleagues or employees.

Take for example this guide to the best 20x23x1 air filters, with health more of a concern than ever before, gadgets that can improve the quality of air you breathe whilst working are a surprising addition to the office environment; configuring your office space for employee wellbeing can be a major factor in increasing comfortability and, in turn, productivity. If you’re moving to a new office space, here are some simple upgrades you may not have previously taken into consideration.

Cooper Standing Desk © Fully

Cooper Standing Desk © Fully.

Standing Desks: The days of office cubicles with standard desks are over. These days, more and more office spaces are gravitating towards standing desks, and with good reason. Sitting down for long periods is proven to be bad for your health, and can also lead to a lack of motivation due to low energy. So, if you’re moving offices and are keen to have a refresh of both aesthetics and motivation, standing desks are a great solution. There are standing desks available which adjust with the switch of a button, making the change from sitting to standing quick and easy.

Solar USB Charger

Itscool Solar Charger Solar Power Bank.

Posture Monitor App: Equally, any desk jockey will know that by the end of the day, slouching in your chair feels like the most comfortable position to be in. But this can wreak havoc on your back and can lead to back pain over time. Posture monitoring apps work by using small sensors which you can place on the back of your shirt; they vibrate when you slouch so you can be reminded to sit up straight.

Solar USB Charger: Trying to wade through the myriad cables under an office desk to find a plug socket is a burden every office worker has had to endure at some point. With a solar-powered USB charger, you can recharge your smartphone with ease; while ticking off your eco-friendly credentials, the device attaching to the window to absorb solar energy.

QuietOn Noise-Cancelling Headphones. Photo © We Heart

QuietOn Noise-Cancelling Headphones. Photo © We Heart.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: From meetings to phone calls, offices can get exceedingly noisy, which can impact your productivity when you’re trying to focus. Kit out your team with noise-cancelling headphones so that when the noise levels in the office rise, individuals can still get on with their work without being disturbed.

Digital Highlighter and Scanner: Having a digital highlighter and scanner is an easier and more environmentally conscious alternative to the traditional office copier. With this device, you can simply plug in the pen to your PC using the USB port and scan from the comfort of your desk, watching the document appear on your desk as you highlight it.

Tech Organiser and Charging Station: With this device, you’ll never have to worry about dead electronics again. A charging dock station allows you to charge numerous devices at once, from your laptop to your smartphone and even your Apple watch. There typically arrive with built-in dividers that allow you to easily access whichever device you need without worrying about scratches or damage.