The Five Year-Old Producer


The Five Year-Old Producer

Keeping things very fresh indeed, hip-hop's latest big name producer is just five years old...

Kendrick Lamar, Untitled Unmastered

[Insert some stuff about how policemen are getting younger.] Yeah, youth … damn … anyone else struggle with differentiating between the years when you did something? [Insert some stuff about what you were doing when you were five years old.] If you go back to my late-teens, then my differential buffer is probably at the five year mark … 1999 … 2004 … does it really matter? [Insert some stuff about what was happening five years ago.]

So. Five. It’s a span of years relevant here as that’s how old the son of hip-hop production luminary Swizz Beatz is; the same son who has production credits on Kendrick Lamar’s surprise-drop new LP, Untitled Unmastered. Egypt (great name) worked on the track untitled 07 | 2014 – 2016, supplying beats (with no assistance from dad, apparently), and riffing out on a Mellotron. Experience with beats and keyboards should come as little surprise, dad has production credits on tracks by practically every hip-hop star in the game, whilst mum is the little-known singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. [Insert some stuff about Egypt never having to seek acceptance from the other kids at school.]

Untitled Unmastered is a compilation of tracks that Lamar has been working on since 2013 and, whilst not a true follow-up to last year’s epic To Pimp a Butterfly, it’s a nice little reminder that the Compton rapper is unquestionably the biggest force in contemporary hip-hop.