Yeezy ‘Butt Stuff’ Necklace

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Yeezy ‘Butt Stuff’ Necklace

Amber Rose's profound Yeezy put-down immortalised by Etsy maker...

As far as put-downs go, Amber Rose went out and won the internet late on Wednesday with the following response to Kanye West dragging her into his Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa (Rose is the mother of Khalifa’s baby and, infamously, Yeezy’s ex):

Presumably, West is busy putting the final touches to the album-formerly-known-as SWISH — as it took a little longer to tell us all that he isn’t a fan of fingers in the bum during sex. Or at any other time.

Problem is, the internet is the internet, and fingers, asses and Kanye West are now intrinsically linked. Forever. So much so that Etsy makers are already getting their fingers busy (not in that way) and crafting items to commemorate pop culture’s highlight-so-far of 2016. Enter Pennsylvania-based House of Hades Boutique, and their Kayne West ‘BUTT STUFF’ Banner Necklace — which does what it says on the tin.

Can’t wait for WAVES and Yeezy Season 3 (both will debut at New York Fashion Week on 11 February)? Like butt stuff? Love this Yeezy necklace. #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch