Sabine Marcelis, VOIE light series #1

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Sabine Marcelis, VOIE light series #1

Materials converge to create magical moments, in Dutch designer's enchanting lighting collection...

Rotterdam-based Sabine Marcelis explains that her studio is “forever in search of magical moments within materiality to create unexpected experiences”. Which is a roundabout way of saying her work is largely based in aesthetic wonder. In this case, Marcelis’ search for magical moments has led to the design and production of VOIE light series #1, a collection of lamps combining neon tubing and cast polyester resin. And plenty of wonder.

The relationship between the materials forms when the resin diffuses the light’s path — using the neon source to enhance its colour properties. VOIE light series #1 comprises six pieces, each subtly demonstrating the influence their materials have on the other, numbered and signed.


Photography, Lee Wei Swee