The Cloakroom, Kvadrat & Faye Toogood at the V&A


I'll Get Me Coat...

Faye Toogood's museum treasure hunt leads to surprising discoveries in textile tech...

“Mine’s the white coat with the black seams. No, not that one, to the right…” Luckily for the attendant at this cloakroom at the V&A, the 150 nearly identical coats all belong to Faye Toogood, who lends them out as a sort of access pass to her interactive installation dreamed up for this year’s London Design Festival.

The Cloakroom

Visitors will find the installation — a sweeping semi-circular rack holding overcoats designed by Toogood in conjunction with textile experts Kvadrat — in the Clore Study Area of the British Galleries.

The Danish firm has manufactured Toogood’s design from a clever new compressed foam material. The coats, at first glance completely uniform, have been given their own dash of individual personality by the addition of a face drawn on the back. Each garment has a map sewn into it, leading the wearer to discover 10 coat sculptures hidden around the V&A. These design pieces, each produced by a different British manufacturer, experiment further with unusual materials, and have been fashioned from all sorts including carved marble and studded rubber.

Hunt the coats down at the V&A before they disappear on 27 September.


The Cloakroom, Kvadrat & Faye Toogood at the V&A
The Cloakroom, Kvadrat & Faye Toogood at the V&A

Photography, French+Tye / Ed Reeve

Installation conceptual illustrations, Faye Toogood