Men’s Golf Fashion for Summer 2024


Men’s Golf Fashion for Summer 2024

With a cultural shift occurring around the global image of the game, let's have a look at the best men's golf fashion for summer 2024...

Since Beastie Boys flirted with golf apparel in the mid-1990s, one of the most traditionally conservative of sports has found itself in and out of favour with popular culture, rarely spending enough time on the edge of ‘cool’ to solidify a similar status to that of football or basketball. The last few years, however, have seen somewhat of a sea change take place.

Undergoing a remarkable transformation, the image of golf is at last shedding its traditional, conservative roots for a more dynamic and inclusive appeal. Long associated with cardigans, visors, and stuffy dress codes, golf is now embracing a fresh wave of style, celebrity influence, and cultural relevance. This shift is evident in the rise of luxury golf courses and resorts, hipster golf apparel brands, and a diverse influx of new players.

Forget the days of regulation polos and plaid trousers. Today, golf clothes are influenced by streetwear labels and high-end brands alike, creating a newfound cool-golf aesthetic. The once-stuffy attire has given way to stylish outfits that rival those seen in basketball, football, and motorsport. Celebrities and influencers are now making golf fashionable, as evidenced by Macklemore’s Bogey Boys, a brand that epitomises the merger of style and sport. As Macklemore himself puts it, “looking good on the course can be just as satisfying as playing well.”

This sartorial revolution is just one aspect of golf’s broader appeal. The sport is seeing unprecedented levels of global participation, with the United States Golf Association reporting 45 million players in 2023, a nine percent increase from the previous year. Similarly, the R&A recorded 39.6 million players worldwide. This surge is driven by a younger, more diverse demographic, including more women and minorities, which bodes well for the future of golf.

The market reflects this growing interest, with the global golf industry valued at $88.3 billion in 2023 and projected to reach $103.8 billion by 2028. Brands like Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren are offering elevated takes on golfing essentials, while new labels are injecting fresh perspectives as sportswear mainstays such as Nike and adidas continue to present diverse collaborations.

In this new era, golf is not just a sport for the old and affluent; it’s a cultural movement attracting a vibrant, diverse audience. The game is evolving, and with it, a new image of golf that is both stylish and inclusive is emerging. To mark the sports newfound hipster appeal, we’re going to have a look at the best men’s golf apparel to be seen on the course with this summer…

J.Lindeberg USA Olympic Golf Team Capsule Collection

.Lindeberg USA Olympic Golf Team Capsule Collection

Golf’s return to the Olympics in 2016 marked a new era for the sport, and as Team USA prepares for the 2024 Paris Olympics, they do so with J.Lindeberg as their official apparel sponsor. Known for its many colors, bold sportswear aesthetics and association with Norwegian golfer Viktor Hovland, J.Lindeberg will outfit both the men’s and women’s teams.

The USA Golf Collection features a blend of innovative performance pieces and stylish designs. Performance jackets and polos with ClimaCool moisture-wicking and UV50 sun protection ensure athletes stay cool in the Paris summer heat. Classic red, white, and blue colours are used in both traditional and modern designs, including body mapping details that highlight the dynamic motion of a golf swing.

Additionally, lifestyle-focused pieces such as a cardigan with blue and red striped sleeves and a varsity jacket featuring the Eiffel Tower offer versatility for both golfers and non-golfers. With its daring designs and functional apparel, J.Lindeberg is set to redefine golf fashion on the Olympic stage.

Oakley Golf Apparel Japan Collection

Oakley Golf Apparel Japan Collection

Oakley has unveiled its all-new Japan Collection, a robust lineup of adaptable field gear designed for both urban life and outdoor adventures. For the first time, this versatile collection will be available in EMEA and APAC regions.

The Japan Collection exemplifies Oakley’s commitment to functionality and design, offering protection against extreme outdoor weather conditions. This range balances technical excellence with elevated trims and performance-oriented fit, reflecting quality Japanese craftsmanship, and includes hoodies, pants, sweaters, pullovers and more.

The collection features wrinkle-free woven textiles in neutral colorways, building a staple wardrobe of technical outerwear, clean shirting, and weather-protectant trousers with minimal branding. Whether navigating city streets or exploring muddy trails, Oakley’s Japan Collection ensures optimal performance and style.

PUMA x QUIET GOLF Collaboration

Men's Golf Fashion for Summer 2024

The PUMA x QUIET GOLF collaboration is a curated expression of the game of golf itself, designed to encourage enthusiasts from all walks of life to share in the unique experience of the sport.

Amidst the start of the golfing season and the arrival of spring, Puma Golf and Quiet Golf have introduced a fresh collection of modern apparel. This assortment embodies the serenity and calmness of golf, utilizing a color scheme inspired by the natural elements of hazards, fairways, and greens.

Quiet Golf, known for the quality of its contemporary sportswear, offers a range of apparel, shoes, objects, and tools that cater to both the game of golf and everyday life. While the golf scene thrives in Los Angeles with popular labels like Metalwood and Malbon, Quiet Golf’s Orange County roots provide a distinct uniqueness to its brand.

Mike Diaz, director of marketing for Puma Golf, highlighted the evolving culture of golf and its integration with diverse industries such as fashion, street, and skate. He noted, “Collaborating with a brand like Quiet Golf allows us to present a distinctive aesthetic that we see as a sustainable trend in the golf industry.”

This collection represents the evolving styles in golf, showcasing a blend of tradition and modernity that appeals to both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Nike Air Pegasus 89 G

Men's Golf Fashion for Summer 2024

Nike has unveiled the Nike Air Pegasus 89 G as part of its lineup for the US Open at Pinehurst, embracing the theme “Accept and Embrace.” Like the Nike Air Max 1 and 90 G from previous seasons, the Pegasus 89 G continues to be a standout performer at major championships. While shoes such the Air Zoom Infinity Tour 2 and Victory Tour 3 are designed for elite athletes in intense competition, the Air Pegasus 89 G targets fans with a more casual relationship with golf, integrating sneakers into their lifestyle.

Inspired by North Carolina, the host state of the event, the sneaker features shades of dark and light blue, reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s alma mater. The design incorporates a variety of textures across the Swooshes, overlays, tongues, and sockliners, including hairy and smooth suede, as well as soft terry cloth. The words “Accept” and “Embrace” are prominently displayed on the tongue labels, shoelace ends, and insoles, reinforcing the theme.

The heel portions of the sneakers are adorned with the number 2, a tribute to the famed Pinehurst No. 2 golf course where the tournament is held. The marbled outsole combines various hues from the upper, completing the cohesive and visually appealing design. The Nike Air Pegasus 89 G offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, making it an ideal choice for golf enthusiasts and sneaker lovers alike.

adicross Eagle Graphic Tee


The adicross range by adidas Golf continues to push and refine the boundaries of golf fashion, drawing inspiration from diverse sports and incorporating vibrant colour-blocking and rugby-style silhouettes into its designs. Known for its progressive approach, adicross offers unique styles that seamlessly transition from the golf course to everyday wear.

The adicross Eagle Tee is a standout piece in this year’s collection. Made from soft cotton jersey, this t-shirt provides a casual feel while maintaining the performance expected from golf apparel. The design encourages golfers to step out of traditional uniforms and embrace a more comfortable and relaxed style.

The cotton used in the adicross Eagle Tee is sourced through Better Cotton, which follows a mass balance chain of custody model. Although the cotton is not physically traceable to the end products, this materials sourcing method supports more sustainable cotton farming practices.

Mens Golf Fashion Trends for 2024

Sustainable Materials

Expect a rise in eco-friendly fabrics, such as recycled polyester and organic cotton, aligning with the broader movement toward sustainability.

Performance Fabrics

Enhanced performance materials that offer better breathability, moisture-wicking, and UV protection will likely become more prevalent.

Modern Silhouettes

Slimmer fits and more tailored shirt silhouettes could gain popularity, offering a modern take on traditional golf attire.

Bold Patterns and Colors

While classic neutrals remain popular, bold patterns and vibrant colors might make a comeback, reflecting a more playful and expressive style of wear.

Tech-Integrated Clothing

Integration of wearable technology, such as shirts with built-in sensors to track swing and performance metrics, could become a niche yet growing trend.

Versatile Pieces

Versatility in golf apparel, with pieces such as shorts, sweaters and gloves that can be worn both on and off the course, will likely appeal to the modern, multi-purpose wardrobe.

Athleisure Influence

The influence of athleisure might lead to more relaxed, comfortable styles of jackets that blend the line between sportswear and casual wear.

Retro Revival

Nostalgic looks from past decades, especially the ’70s and ’80s, might see a resurgence in golf clothes, bringing back classic prints, colors and styles with a modern twist.

Customised Apparel

Personalised and customisable golf apparel could become more accessible, allowing golfers to express individuality through bespoke designs and comfortable fits.

Sustainable Practices by Brands

Golf apparel brands may increase their focus on sustainable production practices, from sourcing materials to enhance manufacturing processes, appealing to the environmentally conscious consumer.