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Cassandra Yap, True Romance

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Artists and illustrators reboot cult classic movie posters for Film4 summer event...

I haven’t had a film poster on my wall since the millennium, but I might well have to make room for one of these beauties from the Film4 Summer Screen Posters event at Somerset House. The exhibits are new commissions by a clutch of top international artists and illustrators; each has taken a fresh look at a title from Film4’s forthcoming season of cult classics and new releases, with the finished articles committed to posh paper by Print Club London in signed, numbered limited editions of 200.

Each artist had a different way of approaching the task, but all started with a memorable scene, character or line of dialogue as their starting point. Some reworked actual still images from the film, such as Cassandra Yap who has used a stylised montage of True Romance scenes within the mirrored sunglasses of her arrestingly minimalist femme fatale. At the other end of the spectrum, Joe Wilson has redrawn a scene from Studio Ghibli’s animated tale Princess Mononoke with amazing intricacy and detail. All the posters are on display at Somerset House until 23 August, and they are also available for sale at £50 each on site or from the webshop of Print Club London.


Joe Vass - Warriors

Joe Vass, Warriors

Withnail and I

RYCA, Withnail and I

Barry Leonard - Me Earl and the Dying Girl

Barry Leonard, Me Earl and the Dying Girl

Joe Wilson - Princess Mononoke

Joe Wilson, Princess Mononoke

Rose Stallard Do the Right thing

Rose Stallard, Do the Right Thing

Steve Wilson - American Werewolf in London

Steve Wilson, American Werewolf in London

Holly Wales - The Graduate

Holly Wales, The Graduate

Peter Strain - Silence of the Lambs

Peter Strain, Silence of the Lambs