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De Haus

Settle in with a good book and a gin and tonic at welcoming Brussels bar De Haus...

Gin and tonics are the speciality at De Haus in the Ixelles neighbourhood of Brussels, and although there is waiter service at your table, it pays to make your way to the bar to order one. There you’ll see the terrific ceiling installation of tumbling salvaged crates – just one of the many great design features at the pre-club/post-dinner venue (for dinner, check out the burgers next door).

The Salon is the area which really gives De Haus it’s homely character. Laid out like a living room, there’s comfy sofas and shelves of reading material to enjoy – and if a book grabs your attention you can take it home as they are all part of a book exchange. It’s not just the books that could find a new home in your home either; much of the furniture here is for sale – just check for a price sticker on the back. There’s also quite a bit of buzz about the toilets here, and while that’s usually a good reason to stay away from a place, in this case it’s all good. To the rear of the premises, a vivid jungle mural awaits those answering the call of nature…

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Photography, Xavier Portela