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Illustrator Pablo Benito dances through a visual tour of the world's best clubs...

As Lady Gaga points out when she gets off her face in her popular music hit Just Dance, it’s sometimes difficult to remember a good night out at the club. It’s dark, there are drinks and things… it all gets a bit blurry. Honestly if I can remember where the toilets are from one hour to the next it’s a win, never mind appreciating the aesthetics of the venue. Pablo Benito, on the other hand, has an eye for detail on these nights that leaves most clubbers in the shade. The graphic designer (aka PeBe) from Barcelona has been to some of the best underground clubs in his hometown, around Europe and the US, and not only did he wake up remembering everything, he committed his memories to paper in a series of artworks for sale through the PeBe studio.

PeBe celebrates the Barcelona club scene with exterior illustrations of Razzmatazz, Moog, Apolo and La Paloma, Tresor and the mighty Berghain in Berlin, New York’s Paradise Garage and London’s Fabric (so that’s what it looks like) among many others. And only one of them as seen by moonlight, impressive stamina there mi amigo. You can pick up a high quality print of these clubs from the studio’s webshop, where you’ll also find a range of prints focused on Barcelona’s most interesting and stylish landmark buildings.


PeBe — Clubs

Sala Apolo, Barcelona

PeBe — Clubs

Berghain, Berlin

PeBe — Clubs

Fabric, London

PeBe — Clubs

Paradise Garage, New York

PeBe — Clubs

Moog, Barcelona

PeBe — Clubs

Tresor, Berlin

PeBe — Clubs

Club Barraca, Valencia


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