The Loft by The Playing Circle


Open House

Amsterdam lifestyle brand The Playing Circle invites you up to The Loft for a nosy round...

There’s no shortage of TV shows around on property, and it’s fair to say that a good part of their popularity lies in the behind-closed-doors access they grant the audience – we just love nosing around other people’s houses! Sometimes they are hilariously hideous, but occasionally when a super swish place comes along, pieces of furniture or objects catch the eye and prompt us to wonder where such a thing could be found. The Loft is Super Swish with a duo of capital S – and the good news? For a short time only it is open to the public, and absolutely everything is for sale.

This dream gaff is the work of Amsterdam lifestyle brand The Playing Circle – well known for creating quality office workshop and meeting rooms in the city – but this latest project exists partly in the real world and partly in the realm of the internet. The Loft as a bricks-and-mortar premises serves as a showroom for the webshop, designed to best display The Playing Circle’s range of products and giving would-be customers a chance to see them in context and get a feel for them. Viewing the same items via the webshop allows further mulling at a distance, and practical assessments of size and space and so on before ordering. Whether experienced in person or from the comfort of your sofa, The Loft is a cornucopia of desirable design, from distressed leather armchairs, mysterious chests and curio cabinets, vintage light fittings and all sorts of other salvage hunter delights. The Loft has popped up at Vaudeville Theatre on Singel 512-3, where it is open until 4 January. Opening times vary with the holidays; check ahead to confirm.


The Loft by The Playing Circle — Amsterdam The Loft by The Playing Circle — Amsterdam The Loft by The Playing Circle — Amsterdam The Loft by The Playing Circle — Amsterdam

Photography, Aico Lind