Philips Citiscape Folding Headphones

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Can You Handle Them?

Bike bars design and powerful hardware make Philips Citiscape folding 'phones a formidable proposition...

Listen up! We need your eyes and your ears for a sec while we tell you about your next pair of headphones. The time has come to bin the Beats – who wants to look like a footballer shuffling off the team bus? Philips Citiscape are the ‘phones to own: a classic shape in a folding format given a minty fresh spin that riffs on the cushioned tape of bike handlebars. These hand-crafted beauties are the ideal pick for the modern urbanite who likes to keep a tight grip on their sounds and their look while on the move.

Style is nothing without substance though, and as well as looking the business, the Philips Citiscape do the business. The closed acoustic system, with snugly cushioned, pre-tilted earshells and a flexible metal arm design is perfect for shutting out the hubbub of city life, delivering crystal audio to your ears via high performance 40mm neodymium drivers without any unwanted background noise. Designed for portability, the Citiscapes also feature a detachable anti-tangle fabric cable, so they can go in and out of your bag all day without getting tied in knots. What’s more, the cable is equipped with a built in microphone, making them just as comfortable dealing with phone calls as they are with music. You’ve done the reading, now go and do the listening. Head over to the Philips/Noisey project You Need to Hear This to find out how.


Philips Citiscape Folding Headphones Philips Citiscape Folding Headphones Philips Citiscape Folding Headphones