Barnyard Restaurant

Photography, Louise Melchior

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Barnyard Restaurant

Ollie Dabbous has something to crow about with his latest venue Barnyard...

When Ollie Dabbous and Oskar Kinberg open a new place, they like to make a statement. Acclaimed London restaurant Dabbous was a no-nonsense number that almost dared you to get too comfortable in your surroundings, and interior designers Brinkworth have been recalled to fit out follow-up venue Barnyard, with equally striking results.

Like at Dabbous, there is a lot of metal on show here, but this time it feels a bit more welcoming; Barnyard is modelled on the light industrial sheds and outbuildings you might find on a farm, so although rusting corrugated iron is not necessarily going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, there’s a rustic healthiness to proceedings, and there’s a fair bit of wood adding a natural element. Fresh air, long walks, and green spaces are all brought to mind, and in fact a tree has been planted in the middle of the restaurant to up the outdoors-y vibe further. The focused menu is unsentimentally arranged by animal – pig, cow and chicken, plus egg – with a very delicious and vitamin-packed selection of veggie sides and innovative old-school-new-twist desserts on offer too.


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