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Sensory Lab Bondi

Lab-coated technicians guide you to the perfect cup at experimental Bondi café...

We’ve heard of good coffee being elevated to an art form, but there’s quite a bit of science behind the perfect cup of Joe, too. Melbourne born-and-bred Sensory Lab has just opened below the Boheme apartment complex in Bondi, Sydney, and is all geared up to guide coffee aficionados through coffee’s finer points. Lab-coated baristas are on hand to explain some alternative processes and techniques from the likes of Matt Perger, Australia’s champion barista and coffee innovator, and the coffee itself will bring a distinctive Melbourne flavour to the establishment.

A part of the St ALi group, The Sensory Lab has been designed by CIBI, bureau8 and Richard Brownfield, and employs a simple look with some subtle features; the use of copper pipe with folded grey textiles and little pot plants is a nice way to line the back wall. There is all sorts of top-notch Hario equipment and carefully-selected bean varieties on sale in the retail department if you want to step your coffee up a notch at home, too, but I think I’d rather have someone else do the hard work right here.


Sensory Lab Bondi — Sydney Sensory Lab Bondi — Sydney Sensory Lab Bondi — Sydney Sensory Lab Bondi — Sydney

Photography, Chris von Menge