Away Café Bar

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Away Café Bar

Enjoy a world of possibilities in far-flung Greece at travel-mad bar...

Komotini is a place that’s off the beaten track. The town in northeastern Greece has no harbour or airport, and being below sea level, you might even miss it when passing by road. Sounds a bit… restrictive? Not any more. Visitors can now spread their wings at AWAY Entertainment, a café and bar which sings of freedom and the limitless possibilities of travel.

Designer Minas Kosmidis has delivered in imagination what Komotini’s size and location precludes in reality – now the town does have an airport, and a harbour, a train station, and even some big city streets. The experience begins with a bellhop (remember them? A dying breed in the age of the boutique hotel) who greets guests on arrival, and then it’s on to wherever your heart desires. A drink aboard the port bar in the company of a tattooed saucepot looking to waylay unwary sailors. A cup of coffee in the departure lounge under the retro glow of the Pan Am sign. A bit of research into the next destination in the souvenir-packed reading area. The world is your oyster at Away – so nice you might not want to leave…


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Photography, Studiovd, N.vavdinoudis – Ch.Dimitriou