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1888 Hotel

Sydney's 1888 Hotel focuses on amateur photographers...

Swish hotels usually try to keep photographers at bay, but 1888 Hotel in Sydney positively encourages them – Hollywood big-shots looking to fly under the radar had better stay elsewhere. Not only is the good-looking, multi-million dollar development worth a snap in itself, but several incentives have been set-up specifically to attract the attention of shutterbugs.

The Pyrmont property was erected in 1888, which happens to be the year in which Kodak introduced its first box camera with roll film. Owner 8Hotels has played up the link, wooing amateur photographers by integrating heavily with Instagram. Reception carries a rotating display of guests’ images, and there is a dedicated “selfie” area in which to capture a memento of the stay. The hotel also provides photography-optimised walking routes in the Pyrmont area, and visitors with over 10,000 Instagram followers get a night’s stay on the house.

The generous dimensions of the hotel have their roots in the building’s original use – it was first built for wool storage – and much has been made of the roomy proportions, notably in the five storey indoor atrium which allows in enough light for a tree to flourish. Loads of original features underpin the renovation, both in the accommodation and public spaces. Exposed brick and paint-mottled wood are the order of the day, paired with sharp, contemporary furniture. The sort of place that invites a long exposure.


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