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We go gooey for Barcelona chocolate kitchen...

Sadly, three of our five favourite psychoactive drugs are internationally prohibited, but the two that are left do a mighty fine job of making up for it. Not only is Barcelona a top place for a sociable drink, it now boasts a stylish new place to get a fix of chocolate. chök holds the sweet brown loveliness in the highest regard, exhibiting doughnuts in display cases like a jeweller shows off diamond rings. Only cheaper, and made of chocolate.

Intsight Studio is responsible for creating a serotonin spike with its reverential interior at the store near La Rambla, the firms partner studio espluga+associates developing its complimentary branding. A lot of white and pale grey has been used in the décor, which not only sets off the brown chocolate and assorted colourful garnishes, but reinforces the fact that chök is a confectionery kitchen and not just a cake shop. Another beneficiary of the pale pallete are the fine architectural features of the building, notably the delicious stained glass windows and carved woodwork at the shop entrance. Makes our lunchtime Bounty from Tesco seem a bit low-rent, to be honest…

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Photography, Mireia Rodríguez