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Weaving Magic With Node Rugs

Fair trade project pairs top designers with Nepalese artisans...

When rugs are this beautiful, it would be a crime to chuck them on the floor and trample all over them; these floor coverings are more at home hanging from your living room wall as an artwork than covering up that wine stain that’s been blighting the carpet since the New Year’s Eve party two years ago.

It’s no wonder the rugs from Node stand up to scrutiny so well, having been designed by eighteen renowned illustrators and artists, the likes of Donna Wilson and Micah Lidberg. They’ve done one apiece, and only 10 are being made of each design, hand-signed by the artist. You can check out the full list of contributors over on, but before you go clicking, a little bit more about the project…

Node employs a Nepalese firm, Kumbeshwar, to make their rugs – the skilled local craftspeople know how to get weaving (not to mention how to sit in uncomfortable-looking positions while they’re at it), and the socially responsible project ensures a mutually beneficial arrangement promoting “trade not aid” as a means of helping a disadvantaged people out of poverty. Available exclusively at the Design Museum Shop, Node also offers the chance for you to design your own rug – but you’d need to be quite a talented artist yourself to better this really brilliant limited edition collection.

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