Pizza East, Kentish Town

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Pizza East, Kentish Town

Hip pizza joint's latest outpost is crust the job...

The newest addition to the Pizza East family may have gone vintage with its design and choice of materials, but its retro-industrial looks serve only to lend the restaurant an extra freshness. Among the pre-used features are the white wall tiles (reminiscent of a 1960s grammar school, but that might just be me) and their sandy ceiling counterparts, and reassuringly hefty-looking leather-bound bar stools – after all regular customers will soon be boxing in the heavyweight division if they don’t get to the gym on a regular basis.

Alongside all the robust functionality is a gentler, more natural side to Pizza East, owned by the swanktastic Soho House. Ham hocks and various other tasty-looking animal appendages hang tantalizingly from the ceiling structures, and a wall of logs alludes to the wood-fired oven which makes the culinary magic happen. My fellow diners raved about their veal meatball and cream pizza, and while I’m not even close to a vegetarian, that was a baby cow they were chowing down on, which must be wrong. Still, whatever your choice of topping, Pizza East KT is a flat out winner.

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