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Striking teashop is a journey of discovery...

Those of you who think tea begins and ends with a bag of PG Tips are in for an education; not only are there about a squillion varieties of leaf, but the taste of your brew can depend on any number of factors including the size and shape of the teapot and the temperature of the water you use to make it.

Having travelled Asia looking for the finest varieties, Jens de Gruyter brought them back to Berlin where he opened P & T teahouse, mixing the traditional tea shop with a sort of educational, fact-filled museum-like display arrangement giving customers the chance to really dive deeply into their drink choice using self discovery. All this happens within the calming white walls of the store on Bleibtreustrasse, designed by Fabian von Ferrari.

With a name like that he’s bound to have some style and flair, and it’s evident in the sharp lines of the cabinets and the attractive caged lighting which illuminates the ceramic pots and cups below. Now that reminds me, someone stick the kettle on…

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