Hotel Lamée


Hotel Lamée

Enjoy a take on cinema's golden age...

Harking back to the glamorous times of the movie studio heyday, the plush Hotel Lamée, in Vienna, is infused with 1930s nostalgia and knowing winks to the Golden Age of cinema recreated in the city once described as the emerging European Hollywood.

Wandering the intimate halls and rooms of the hotel, itself a product of the 30s, one is transported back in time, despite the liberal dash of modern flair in the décor, with the help of some subtle film iconography and a strong sense of yesteryear glamour.

Two design features jump out at us at Hotel Lamée. Firstly, there’s the beautiful wood veneer latticework, creating multi-hued diamonds of rich browns wherever the eye turns. The second notable feature, as the keen-eyed among you will have already spotted, are the pieces of shocking pink furniture and upholstery that smack you around the face like a melodramatic actress who has just found out her sweetheart is actually a terrible cad.

On top of that, if the indoors isn’t attractive enough, there are also some great views of St Stephen’s cathedral from many of the hotel’s 22 rooms and 10 suites. Got it in one take…

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