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Subtle flavours at Thai bistro...

It’s a bad habit of mine to develop preconceptions about the aesthetic of a city before I’ve ever been, based on the little I know about a place. Kuwait City, for example, wouldn’t strike me as a particularly stylish flag on the map, but they say you learn something new every day and here is Ubon to show me how I have erred in my thinking.

Architect Rashed Alfoudari is the man responsible for Thai restaurant Ubon, smack in the middle of KC’s commercial district. He’s gone for very subtle nods to the Asian influence, rather than slapping diners around the face with teak and Buddha murals everywhere.

A successful interior design wouldn’t get very far without paying due care and attention to the lighting, and as the geeks experts among you will have spotted at a glance, the kind employed here is Tom Dixon’s Beat Light Stout. The fittings have a golden colour to their interior, which as well as softening the emitted rays, chimes with other gold and copper touches in the dining area that rise out from the burnt wood effect of the wall cladding.

Thought the stylish Middle East began and ended with Dubai? Just Kuwait and see.

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