Dough Pizza, Perth

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Dough Pizza, Perth

Modern rustic a welcoming backdrop for authentic pizzeria...

There’s some argument whether Perth, Australia, is the most isolated city in the world – it being nearly 2,000 miles away and several plane hours from the nearest city of any significant size. I mention this in mitigation to the fact that we haven’t personally been to Dough Pizza in the Northbridge area of the city, and so we may owe the interior outfitter S&M Mobilia a huge apology when we say that the stern yellow chairs in this place look like they might re-arrange your vertebrae in entirely unwanted ways.

However, the rest of Dough is right up our street, if only in the metaphorical sense. Old Italian movie posters on the exposed brick walls? Tick. Interesting black and white prints of inscrutable and enigmatic Italians? Tick. Pizza? Double stuffed crust tick (calm down, they’re authentic Naples-style wood-oven-fired, of course). Add in some nice modern touches, such as the matching corrugated plastic sheeting and electric blue wire frame light fittings, and you have a pizzeria that really whets the appetite. Do they do deliveries? If we order one now, it might get here for the football on Saturday…

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