QT Sydney


QT Sydney

Harbour city hotel's a celebration of excess...

One certainly wouldn’t accuse the designers of QT Sydney of a lack of ideas, as they seem to have had a year’s worth in one go with this busy new member of the Design Hotels fold.

The venue has divided its 200 rooms into 12 individual styles, each one so packed with features it’s difficult to know where to start. You have a look at the pictures and give it a go yourselves. In one of the more understated rooms you’ll see a couple of bowler hats suspended from the ceiling, as seen at the very different accommodation in London’s Safestay hostel but that’s where the similarities stop – this place is definitely at the other end of the spectrum.

While we like a modern place which isn’t afraid to go to town, one can’t help wonder if a place with the illuminated word “hip” jauntily placed in the bar may not be trying a bit too hard – it’s perhaps a word that’s a little old and worn out, and in need of replacing, like my dad’s. Having said that, we could still happily wander around the place for a whole day just taking in the abundance of splendid eye candy.

The hotel has been born from two adjacent buildings, the heritage-listed State Theatre and Gowings department store, and with the looks to match the location, this hotel won’t be on the QT for very long.

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