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rise above the hoi polloi at rooftop hangout...

When the city life of Singapore gets you down, the only way is up – up to the new and improved rooftop bar Loof.

Designers Takenouchi Webb were brought in to revamp the popular drinking hole perched atop the Odeon Towers in the Central Business District, and they have created an oasis of calm using local foliage to suck up the city fumes and breathe new life into the thirsty patrons.

Taking its name from the mispronunciation of Roof, a joke that only Asians themselves can make, Loof is decorated in wood and shingle tiles, and serves a selection of original cocktails and bar food that’s just the job after a hard day at the office. A new addition is Mama Shop, a sort of mom-and-pop pre-Circle K general store selling bits and bobs from times past. So when the hustle and bustle gets too much, give yourself a lift at Loof.

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