Mikkeller Bar

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Mikkeller Bar

Danish microbrewery's faultless fusion of classic and contemporary...

Getting it right; it’s the balance between hip and homely, relaxed and revolutionary – that magic blend where style effortlessly meets the substance, where the offerings are not overshadowed by the design and where the design hasn’t been used to mask the shortfall in offerings. Above all this, it’s about being unique, innovative and interesting – of course without being brash, gaudy or overbearing. You see, getting it right, really right, is harder than you think.

That’s why, when you see something that’s just so perfectly ‘right’ as the Mikkeller Bar – from cutting-edge Danish microbrewery, Mikkeller – you need to take a minute to compose yourself, admire designers Femmes Regionales‘ faultless fusion of modernism and traditional Danish pubs and, well, book your ticket to Copenhagen naturally.

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