Bar Numero


Bar Numero

Beautiful numeric façade for aptly named Brazilian bar...

São Paulo’s Bar Numero takes its title from its entrance and main focal point – an eye-catching façade made out of a large numeric artwork. Once inside the building, which resembles the entrance of a temple or cave, a narrow and completely mirrored passageway/tunnel leads to the bar. At the entrance the ceiling is extremely low and an unimpeded view of the hall is on offer. As the visitor progresses inwards the height gradually increases under a ceiling that extends on a continually rising surface.

The club, designed by legendary architect Isay Weinfeld, is split into two main areas: a cosy looking main hall area reminiscent of an old gentleman’s club, featuring a high ceiling, comfortable brown leather couches and mobile reading lights. And a basement reserved for private functions that is contrary to the main hall. It features a low ceiling, central to the room couches, magazine styled posters and poster fragments on the walls and a built-in array of colourful lights overhead. The two areas both look out through large windows to a pristine and tropical looking backyard…

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Photography: 2011 © [email protected]