Fortune Coins Casino Promo Code


Fortune Coins Casino Promo Code

Fortune Coins Casino promo code, here's how to claim your 10 USD no deposit bonus code...

When you register as a new player, you will receive a great Fortune Coins welcome bonus of up to 360,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 1,000 Fortune Coins (FC). There is no requirement to enter a specific Fortune Coins Casino promo code

If you then log into your account at least once every day for the first 30 days, you can increase your total welcome package to 1,230,000 GC and 3,900 FC. Find out exactly how to claim this bonus in full in the article below.

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Fortune Coins Casino Promo Code: Claim Your 10 USD No Deposit Bonus Code

What do you get with the Fortune Coins Casino promo code?

The Fortune Coins welcome package has the potential to be the biggest sweepstakes no deposit bonus there is. However, there are many different elements to it, and you need to complete a few steps to claim everything in full.

A breakdown of everything that you can get is shown in the table below:

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Who can claim the bonus?

You need to be a new account holder at Fortune Coins, and cannot have previously had an active account to claim the bonus. To be able to open a new Fortune Coins account, you must be aged 18+ (US players) or 19+ (Canadian players) and a resident in the US or Canada.

However, Fortune Coins is restricted in the following locations:

– US: Idaho and Washington
– Canada: Quebec

How much is the Fortune Coins bonus worth?

Technically, the Fortune Coins bonus doesn’t have any real value, as both GC and FC are virtual currencies. When playing with GC, you are only playing for the purposes of entertainment, and the coins cannot be traded, withdrawn or redeemed.

On the other hand, FC, if you win enough, can be used to redeem real cash prizes at the rate of 100 FC = $1 USD.

How to use the Fortune Coins promo

While there is no requirement for a Fortune Coins promo code to receive the welcome bonus, here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the processes of using the promo code and claiming the bonus in full:

1 – Sign up

To register, you just have to enter your first name, last name, email and create a password. You then have to click two checkboxes – one to agree to the T&Cs and one to confirm that the info you have provided is correct. Once that’s done, your account will be open with 100,000 GC and 200 free FC in your balance.

2 – Verify your account

The next step is to verify your account using your US phone number. This only takes a couple of minutes and gets you a further 10,000 GC and 100 free SC. You need to do this anyway if you want to be able to redeem prizes later.

3 – Facebook connection

In your profile, you can click to connect your Fortune Coins account to your personal Facebook account. Doing this will not only get you 40,000 GC and 100 free FC, but you will also have access to future social media giveaways and competitions.

4 – Consent to SMS and email notifications

Also in your account profile, you can click to accept and consent to SMS and email notifications and promotions. Combined, this will add another 220,000 GC and 500 FC to your welcome package. The promo texts and emails may also contain info about future free GC and FC offers.

5 – 30 day login bonus

For the first 30 days that you have an active account, a daily login bonus is available. To claim this in full, you just need to make sure that you take the time to log into your account at least once in every 24 hour period. If you manage to do this successfully for 30 days consecutively, you will get 900,000 GC and 3,000 FC.

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About Fortune Coins Casino

Fortune Coins casino is quite a unique product when compared to other US social casinos. At first, it may seem as though it has a small selection of games that you don’t recognize. However, what makes this platform really special, besides the massive free welcome package are the jackpot slots.

Every spin that all players play contributes to the FC jackpots in these games, with the winner managing to grab the full prize payout. You can easily spot these games in the lobby, as the FC jackpot is rapidly growing in real time in the game’s graphics.

Pros and cons of Fortune Coins:

Fortune Coins Casino promo code – Conclusion

This genuinely is one of the biggest social casino bonuses available in the US and Canada today. In order to claim the welcome package in full, you simply need to register on the site. After that, just follow the steps contained in this guide to get the maximum number of GC and free FC.

» Sign up with Fortune Coins Casino and claim your bonus here

Fortune Coins Casino promo code FAQ

How do you get free Fortune Coins?

There are a number of ways that you can get free Fortune Coins, starting with the registration bonus. After that, you can get additional coins by consenting to email notifications, linking your Facebook account and verifying your account using your US phone number.

What is the promo code for Fortune Coins?

You don’t actually need a specific Fortune Coins Casino promo code to activate the welcome bonus that gets you up to 360,000 GC and 1,000 FC.

What is the new customer bonus at Fortune Coins?

All new Fortune Coins players get 100,000 GC and 200 FC once registration is complete. There are then other free bonuses available when you complete certain steps in your account profile. Additionally, you can get up to 900,000 GC and 3,000 FC available for the first 30 days your account is active through the daily reload.