Enjoy Senior Swingers At Swinger Parties Today


Enjoy Senior Swingers At Swinger Parties Today

Best senior swingers dating sites to spice up your sex life

Just because you’ve hit your 60s doesn’t mean that your sex life has to go out the window. In fact, many people your age are just starting to explore their sexuality more and the best senior swingers dating sites are where it’s at.

Gone are the days when monogamous relationships were all that existed. In its place is a sex-positive world, where anything goes, as long as it’s consensual.


If you still want to stay with your partner but also jazz up your sex life, we’ve got some real gems for you. Take a look at our selection of the best senior swingers dating sites right now.

You’ll wish you’d tried sooner.

First Look – Top Sites To Find Senior Swingers Near You

1 – AdultFriendFinder – Best senior swingers site overall
2 – Ashley Madison – Enjoy a discreet swinger lifestyle
3 – SwapFinder – Easy-to-use app to find swinger couples
4 – SDC – Best swingers clubs for senior couples
5 – Seeking – Swing with hot, rich couples
6 – SwingLifeStyle – Best swingers parties for seniors
7 – SwingersR4R – Top free swingers forum
8 – OutPersonals – Best gay site for swinging seniors
9 – GetItOn – Top site for LGBTQ+ swingers
10 – Kasidie – Top app for finding a swingers party

Best Senior Swingers Dating Sites, Rated and Reviewed

1. AdultFriendFinder – Best Senior Swingers Site Overall


– Top dating site for couple swaps
– Stacks of kinks and fetishes
– Good range of ages
– Hookups and beneficial arrangements

– Private arrangements rather than parties
– Some inactive profiles

– $39.95 for one month
– $80.85 for three months

AdultFriendFinder is our best senior swingers site overall for couples looking for some fun. The dating site is well-known for hookups, and that includes couples looking for hard and soft swaps.

Whether you’re looking for threesomes, full partner swaps, or orgies you will definitely find them here. AFF is one of the top swinger sites afterall.

If you’re a newbie and need some warming up, hop over to the resource section and read up on what to expect. You can even watch some couples cams and join the flirty video chats to help ease you into things.

Sign-up to AdultFriendFinder and find some senior swingers near you.

2. Ashley Madison – Top Site To Enjoy a Discreet Swinger Lifestyle

Ashley Madison

– Discreet and secure
– Profile pics are blurred
– Lots of swingers
– No monthly cost, just pay-per-message

– Not just for swinging
– Free for women, but couples have to pay

– $49 for 100 credits
– $149 for 500 credits
– $249 for 1,000 credits

Despite being known for affairs, Ashley Madison is actually a great senior swingers site.

Because most people here are looking for a little bit more outside of their marriage, you’ll find plenty of couples who are up for trying the swinger lifestyle.

The platform has a great reputation for being discreet, so it’s a natural fit for this kink.

You can download the app and disguise it if you don’t want your children spotting it when they’re next over for tea, and blur your photos if you’re worried about someone spotting what you’re up to.

Mind you, if they do, they’re probably into it too….just saying.

Enjoy the swinger lifestyle on Ashley Madison

3. SwapFinder – Easy App To Find Senior Swinger Couples Near You


– Works like Facebook
– Set up ongoing connections with swinger couples
– Easy to use—great for baby boomers
– Find threesomes, full swaps, and orgies

– Web-only
– Not the cheapest

– $30 for one month
– $60 for three months
– $180 for 12 months

While some people in their 50s find websites hard to use, this is one of the easiest apps to use. Whether you’re seniors or not, you’ll be able to find your way around this site and hopefully find some other swingers in the process.

Just like Facebook, you can post images to your feed in the hope that you’ll attract new friends and senior couples looking for the same things that you are.

With 40 million members, you should find potential partners easily.

Whether you’re interested in group sex, a threesome, a full swap, or even BDSM, just drop them a like and tell them what you’re interested in.

Everyone here is looking for other swingers, so there is no need to be shy.

Find older senior swinger couples on SwapFinder

4. SDC – Best Swingers Clubs for Senior Couples


– 7-day free trial
– Find swinger parties
– Stacks of resources on swinging
– Good for newbies and more experienced swingers

– Nothing free after the trial
– Website could do with a refresh

– $24.95 for one month
– $50 for three months

For seniors that are looking for swingers parties, joining this swingers club is what you need. It hosts private, public, and invite-only events for its members in some spectacular locations.

You can also use the site to find other couples outside of these events, making it a great all-round site to join to find swingers.

The site has a stack of advanced search features to make it easier to find other couples to play with.

Whether you’re looking for voyeurism, hard play, or soft play, or there’s a specific type of experience you’d like to have, just pop it in the search, and it will bring up swingers that match.

This site is definitely different from your normal run-of-the-mill dating site, and we’ve got to say we love it.

If you’re looking for swingers clubs, this is the one you need.

Check out SDC, our best swingers clubs, and find your next swingers party to attend

5. Seeking – Swing With Hot, Rich Senior Swingers


– Good security and discretion
– Background checks
– Video chat features
– Big swinger community

– No matchmaking
– Expensive

– Premium – $109.99/month
– Diamond – $289.99/month

Partying with wealthy couples is high on a lot of people’s lists—and if that’s the case for you, it’s worth checking out Seeking. Although not everyone on the site is into swinging, you’ll find stacks of older rich couples that are.

As you might expect on a site that is tailored towards the wealthy, there are some pretty neat security features, including the option to get yourself background checked.

Doing this shows people that you are who you say you are and that you’re trustworthy.

As trust’s a pretty big thing if you follow the swing lifestyle, we think it’s worth doing if you want some extra brownie points and potentially some extra sex.

Find some wealthy couples to swing with on Seeking

6. SwingLifeStyle – Best Swingers Parties for Seniors


– Organized parties and events
– Swingers holidays
– Search by kink
– Affordable

– Not much free
– Fewer users

– $14.95 for one month
– $49.98 for six months
– $69.96 for 12 months
– $149.95 lifetime membership

SwingLifeStyle is one of the older swinger sites, so it’s well up on what works and what doesn’t for this lifestyle. As a result, you’ll find plenty of organized parties and events, as well as the ability to find like-minded people to hook up with in private.

You can even jet off on a sexually active swinger holiday in Florida or somewhere more exotic with other seniors.

The site lets you search for older people who like to swing in your area, find swingers clubs and parties where you can experiment sexually, and join a community of like-minded people.

Although there are fewer users on the site, there are still 16 million swingers here, many of whom are over the age of 50.

Find swingers clubs on SwingLifeStyle

7. SwingersR4R – Best Free Swingers Forum for Senior Swinger Couples


– Completely free
– Easy to use
– Lots of chat threads
– Post and answer personals ads

– Threads can be a bit confusing
– You might just find chat and no sex

– Free

We know that paying for a dating app might be less than favorable for a lot of seniors, but there are also free sites that you can use to find a swinger party or other older people to have sex with.

Top of our list of free sites for swingers is Reddit.

While it works differently from the other sites here, it won’t take long to find your way around.

First off, you need to search for Swingers R4R to bring up the right subreddit and find other swingers in your area. Once you’re here, you can either post a personals ad or respond to someone else’s.

It’s pretty straightforward, and you’ll be surprised at just how many sexually active older people are on here.

Find older people to swing with on Reddit Swingers R4R

8. OutPersonals – Best Site for Gay Senior Swingers


– Very affordable
– Great search function
– Video chat
– Live webcams

– Not just for swingers
– Fewer users than some swinger sites

– Free basic account
– Gold – $29.96/month

Gay seniors don’t have to miss out on finding new friends to swing with. OutPersonals caters to many couples looking to swap partners or find a swinger party.

You’ll find plenty of sexually active older adults looking to explore and have fun, whether that is with a full swap, a threesome, or some other forms of sex.

As long as it’s consensual, anything goes on this site.

Check out OutPersonals and get ready for some hot swaps

9. GetItOn – Top Site for LGBTQ+ Swingers


– Lots of LGBTQ+ users
– Good matching system
– Live cams
– Mobile app

– You have to pay for most things
– Some incomplete profiles

– $29.95/month

You’ll find a huge community of swingers on GetItOn, with a good mix of members, including plenty of LGBTQ+ users.

While it’s a site for everyone, anything goes here.

As such, you’ll find a stack of couples looking for full swaps, threesomes, and group sex.

As well as a great matching system, you’ll also find some pretty explicit live cams on the site, which will definitely help to get the party started, or at least get you in the mood to find other seniors of the right age for you.

Find swinger partners on GetItOn

10. Kasidie – Top App for Finding a Swingers Party


– Parties, events, and swinger holidays
– Secret communities
– Plenty of kinks and fetishes
– Stacks of users

– You may have to travel to events and parties
– Less chance of hookups outside of events

– $19.95/month
– $45 for three months

If you want to keep your swing lifestyle to the party scene, you definitely need to download Kasidie.

This app is the number one way to make sure you’re on the list for hot, swinger events, parties, and holidays. You know, the kind you see in films—if you wondered how to find them, this app is the way.

As well as listing all of the sexy events that you could possibly want, you’ll also find a stack of secret communities and private groups covering all the kinks you could possibly enjoy.

Getting fruity with someone in the group could lead to some pretty hot sex if you meet up at an event.

Find a swinger party for seniors on Kasidie

11. Alt.com – Most Adventurous Swing Site for Senior Swingers


– Very open-minded
– BDSM, bondage, and more
– Great search function
– Live cams

– Not just for swingers
– Fairly lengthy sign-up

– Silver membership—costs $19.95 a month
– Gold membership—$29.95 a month

If you’re an adventurous couple, Alt.com could be the perfect site to use in your search for other seniors to play with. It’s an alternative dating site that is geared up for swinging, BDSM, bondage, and a whole range of kinks and fetishes.

This site is definitely for the more experienced swinger seniors, though, so if you’re a newbie, it might be one to keep on your list for when you’ve experienced a few swaps.

It’s got a great search function that will help you find both the partners and the kinks you’re looking for. As well as pairing up with new “friends,” you can also enjoy some pretty fruity live cams to help get you in the mood.

Find adventurous seniors to swing with on Alt.com

12. FetLife – Best Senior Swinger Site for Kinks and Fetishes


– Free or low-cost premium membership
– Large number of users
– XXX videos
– Huge range of kinks and fetishes

– Not just for swingers
– Website needs an update

– Free basic account
– $5/month premium account

Much like Alt.com, Fetlife is the site to use if you’re more adventurous and are into kinks and fetishes.

It’s not for the faint-hearted, but then again, neither is swinging.

As well as finding plenty of seniors to hook up with, you’ll also find plenty of events where you can get on the dance floor and show other couples your moves before you get your kit off.

Just make sure you know what you’re getting into before you arrange anything, though.

This site is for those who like more kinky swinging, like BDSM, dominatrix, and orgies—not just a vanilla swap.

Arrange some kinky couple play for seniors on FetLife

13. Tryst – Find Senior Swinger Friends-With-Benefits


– Free to use
– Find friends-with-benefits arrangements
– Geolocation matching
– Get notified when people like you

– Not just for swingers
– Fewer users than some swing sites

– Free

If you prefer to minimize your risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pair up with a single or another couple for a regular friends-with-benefits type swing arrangement, Tryst could be the perfect website for you.

While the site is used for all kinds of adult sex, it has a pretty good reputation for matching people that like to swing.

Its hand geolocation matching means you can search within a 10km radius of where you live, meaning you won’t even have to travel far for your night of fun.

Try out the services on Tryst for your swinger dating experience

14. Tinder – Great Free Hookup App for Senior Swingers


– Easy to use
– Lots of swingers
– 60 million users
– Find threesomes, FWBs, and more

– General hookup app
– Some fake profiles

– Free to use
– Premium: $9.99 to $39.99

You’ve probably heard of Tinder and its swipe right, swipe left matching, but did you know that it is a great place for finding other swingers?

It’s not all younguns, either.

Tinder has a huge age range for its users, and you quite literally can find anyone and anything here.

Whether you want a threesome or a full partner swap, the app will certainly give you a good chance of having a hot night of passion.

Swipe right for a couples swap on Tinder

Top Tips for Senior Swingers

If you’re new to swinging or just curious about what it actually is, take a look at our tips below to get a better idea of what’s involved.

1 – Be respectful to others. Although we’re talking about open relationships, it still has to be consensual, and it’s definitely not a free for all. Ask those you’re playing with what their boundaries are, and stick to those. Make sure you set out what you’re willing to do too.

2 – This one might sound pretty straightforward, but everyone has a different sense of cleanliness. Make sure you wash before you meet up for sex. No one wants to deal with a nasty whiff when they’re having sex.

3 – If you’re partaking in a full swap, make sure you don’t leave your partner for too long. This is all about enjoyment—for both of you—so make sure they don’t feel alone. Remember, to make this work; it’s all about respect and boundaries.

4 – Avoid comparing. Everyone is different in bed, and everyone’s bodies are different. Just enjoy what you’re experiencing and leave it at that. No one should feel bad about themselves.

5 – Communication is key. This is crucial for swinging. Talk about what you liked and what you would do differently next time. Make sure you are both on the same page for your next night of swinging.

Best Sites for Senior Swingers FAQs

If you’ve still got some questions about swinging, take a look at our FAQs.

What Are Swingers?

Swingers are people that have an open relationship and engage in sexual activity with couples or groups of people.

Most people swing in couples, so it’s not like cheating.

Everything is consensual—both with their partner and the people they are playing with.

You might like to try a threesome first before you go straight into being intimate with another couple or attending a swingers party.

Whichever you choose on the best swinger sites, there is an etiquette to follow. It’s all about boundaries, consent, and being respectful to those you’re playing with.

What Percentage of Married Couples Swing?

It’s thought that between 2 and 10% of married couples swing. It’s actually quite hard to determine the correct figure because not everyone who swings talks about it. If you want to try swinging, check out AdultFriendFinder and some of the other sites in our review.

Do Couples Who Swing Last Longer?

It depends. If your sex life needs to be jazzed up, and you’re both up for trying it out, there is no reason it couldn’t help your relationship last longer. Just make sure you are open and honest about your feelings and why you want to swing.

How Often Does the Average Married Couple Do It?

There is no normal frequency to the amount of time married couples swing. The key is for you both to feel comfortable with what you are doing. There’s no pressure in the swing community.

What Is the Best Senior Swinger Site for Newbies?

The best senior swinger site for newbies is AdultFriendFinder. You’ll find a stack of people looking to couple up at swinger parties, as well as some handy resources for newbies on this site.

Find Senior Swingers To Swing With – Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has shown you that there are plenty of senior swingers’ websites out there that will definitely help to jazz up your sex life.

Whether you choose AdultFriendFinder or try out SwingLifeStyle and find some hot, sexy parties, we know that you’ll have a stack of fun.

Remember, just because you’re over 60 doesn’t mean your sex life has to be boring. Now go and have some fun