Enjoy the best foot fetish sites for amateur feet pics, foot fetish toys, and more!


Enjoy the best foot fetish sites for amateur feet pics, foot fetish toys, and more!

Best Foot Fetish Sites: Foot fetish websites for feet pics and toys

Into feet?

Then lucky you, you’ve landed on the right page – one that explores all the best foot fetish sites out there.

Not only do we cover the go-to sites to enjoy amateur feet pics, but we also detail where to buy the best foot fetish toys and even where to sell your own feet pics (if you feel so inclined).

So, if you’ve got feet on your mind and want to discover the best foot fetish content the internet has to offer, stick around and keep reading – we cover everything you need to know!

Best Foot Fetish Sites 2023

1. Overall best foot fetish site – FeetFinder
2. Best for selling feet pics – Feet4Cash
3. HD-quality feet pics & videos – FeetRecords
4. Chat & flirt with models – Fun With Feet
5. High-quality foot fetish toys & pics – Foot-Fetish Toys
6. Buy handmade silicone feet replicas – Silicone Feet

1. FeetFinder – Best Foot Fetish Site Overall



– Free Registration
– Custom search feature
– Can download content purchased
– Seller ID verification requirement
– Merch available for purchase


– No bodily fluid allowed in any content


– Free registration for buyers
– $3.99-$14.99/mo for sellers

Our #1 pick is FeetFinder, one of the most prominent among the best feet fetish sites, offering high-quality content for foot lovers.

With over 3.5 million visits per month and 5,000 five-star client reviews, FeetFinder is a certified all-time foot enthusiast favorite.

This is no surprise, as FeetFinder can give you any type of foot fetish content you’re looking for—soles, nail polish, high heels, dirty feet, lotion, and even those with “face reveal”!

And here’s the best part—creating an account in FeetFinder is free. As long as you have a working email address and can provide a decent password, you’re good to go. It also doesn’t matter where you live since FeetFinder is available worldwide.

Finding your desired type of foot fetish content is easy-peasy thanks FeetFinder’s custom search feature.

Just input some keywords, hit enter, and voila! You can now indulge in foot images that suit your tastes.

For instance, we entered the keyword “nail polish,” and we got loads of pretty foot pictures with mouthwatering, colored toenails.

We also love FeetFinder’s download feature for purchased content. This comes in handy if the internet goes down and you get the inclination to view your favorite feet pictures.

You’re guaranteed that FeetFinder is a secure platform. It has encrypted servers and PCI-compliant security—no need to worry about your perversity leaking around the planet.

FeetFinder also ensures that buyers will interact with only genuine sellers. To start selling your feet pics here, you must get verified using a valid (government-issued) ID first.

Click here to buy feet pics with FeetFinder.

2. Feet4Cash – Best Website for Selling Feet Pictures



– Virtual reality content available
– High resolution feet pics and videos
– Low minimum payout of $150
– Paxum or Wire Transfer payout


– Best only for buyers who love softcore content


– Free registration (buyers and sellers).
– But sellers share 50% revenue with the site

Thinking about selling your feet pics as a side hustle?

Meet Feet4Cash, the top website for foot pics sellers.

Launched in 2008, Feet4Cash has helped thousands of ladies sell pics and clips of their feet worldwide. This foot fetish site targets micro-niches of the foot fetish kink, allowing foot models to easily market their high-quality content to their target audience.

For instance, if your niche is tattooed feet, Feet4Cash can help you connect with an audience that loves inked feet.

Another reason why we hailed Feet4Cash as one of the top foot fetish websites for sellers is its low minimum payout.

Once you reach $150, you can withdraw your earnings from the website and receive them via Paxum or Wire Transfer—one of the lowest payout rates among foot fetish websites.

Here’s something that foot enthusiasts should watch out for—Virtual Reality Integration.

Feet4Cash is one of the pioneers of VR integration among the best feet fetish sites. This is a big win for foot fetish lovers who want a more immersive experience.

Just wear those VR Goggles and view some suckable, tasty toenails right in front of your face!

Downside? Feet4Cash primarily offers softcore content. This might be a bumper for other foot fetishists who are into hardcore stuff.

That said, the content on the site is very tasteful and we were impressed with the overall production quality.

Click here to start selling your feet pics on Feet4Cash.

3. FeetRecords – For High-Quality Feet Pictures and Videos



– Lots of free foot fetish content
– Foot fetish magazines
– Can buy pre-made or custom feet pics
– Dedicated Instagram handle
– Exclusive foot models section


– Limited content with model faces


– Pre-made photos start at $9
– $55 for 20 custom pictures/5-minute video

Created in 2018, FeetRecords ranks among the top foot fetish sites for high-quality, pre-made and custom feet pics and videos.

Feet content featured in this foot fetish website is made by seasoned models with years of experience (many even use top photographers in the foot fetish niche).

Of course, there are also amateur models on this foot fetish website, but FeetRecords ensures that their uploaded content meets their high standards.

Just look at their foot fetish magazine and see the creativity and aesthetics they’ve poured into their content. For as low as $15 per digital copy, you’ll have complete access, including 100 handpicked foot photos made by the website’s top models.

This is also one of the best foot fetish sites to purchase feet pics and videos for an affordable price. FeetRecords only requires $9 for a gallery of over 50 feet pics. All images are in JPG format in High-res 1200 x 1200 picture size.

If you have a particular dirty fantasy in mind, you can also request 20 custom pictures for only $55.

But what if you’re broke and can’t pay a buck for the best foot images on the site?

Fret not, because there’s a great deal of free content in their foot fetish section. They also have a feet pics gallery on the online social networking site Instagram.

Although these feet pics come at no cost, their quality is a pleasant surprise.

Signup for FeetRecords here and access exclusive foot content

4. FunWithFeet – Variety of Choices for Feet Enthusiasts



– Free sign up
– Advanced search filters
– Strict seller verification
– Site offers secure payment method
– 28 foot fetish categories


– Sometimes the site is glitchy


– Free for buyers
– $2.50-$3.33/mo for sellers

Heads up, pervy foot addicts! It’s time to meet our fourth pick, Fun With Feet, a unique foot fetish site offering a plethora of foot fetish categories.

We’re dead serious here. There are 28 foot fetish categories waiting to be explored on this best foot fetish site.

These categories include footwear and accessories (fishnet, high heels, socks, nylon, and boots), hardcore kinks (BDSM and foot worship), and even the weirdest feet fantasies out there (granny, dirty, hairy, cummy).

Looking for pictures that match your preferences is as easy as pie in Fun With Feet. With its advanced search filters, you can quickly sort exclusive foot content based on the 28 categories available.

Do you want to lust on some flat feet, or maybe you want to watch some boner-inducing footjob vids? Just use the search filters, and you can find them in a heartbeat.

On top of that, these filters can also help you sort out content based on the model’s age, ethnicity, and gender.

Seaking of gender, there are 9 gender orientation categories available on this website.

That’s real diversity!

Like some of the best feet fetish sites, FWF has a strict protocol for people selling feet pictures. This is to ensure that buyers will only purchase content from legit sellers.

Visit Fun With Feet to get free feet pics to lust on.

5. Foot-Fetish Toys: Best Site For Feet Fetish Toys & Pics

Foot-Fetish Toys


– Separate section for foot fetish toys
– Read legitimate email reviews from clients
– Can request smelly silicone feet
– Safe and secure payment options
– Discreet foot fetish toys delivery


– Outdated and convulsive website design


– Toys start at $150

For some, feet pictures can be stale at times.

There’ll be a point where you’ll crave something that you can actually touch, smell, and hold (and anything else that comes to mind).

Why not buy realistic, life-size toys at Foot-Fetish Toys?

Launched in 2005, FFT is a website dedicated to selling/buying feet pics and providing high-quality feet toys molded from real bodies of sizzling hot-foot models.

FFT has a dedicated page where they sell super realistic doll replicas of actual feet from their lineup of 40+ foot models. These toys are silicone-based, which closely resemble the feel of the human skin.

They’re so soft and jelly, which is best if you want to mimic the sensation of real feet play.

You can also request FFT to make smelly silicone feet. They can replicate the flavor and scent of their model’s feet. Although it’s really difficult to imitate the scent, FFT strives to satisfy its customers through its ingenuity.

Once you order a foot doll from FFT, they’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. No need to worry about people discovering your kinky package, as FFT ensures discreet delivery. They’ll not write any labels on the package box to keep everything a mystery.

According to their website, customers will receive their toys 7 to 10 days after the purchase.

Buy the best life-size foot fetish toys now in FFT

6. Silicone Feet – Foot Fetish Website For Silicone Feet Replicas

Silicone Feet


– Handmade silicone feet available for sale
– Shop silicone toys based on category
– Discreet door-to-door delivery
– Feet fleshlights available
– Responsive customer service


– The site purely sells silicone feet only


– $90–$300 per sculpture, depending on model

Pamper yourself with the softest and tastiest foot silicone replicas. Ladies and gents, here’s Silicone Feet, the premier provider of handmade human-like foot fetish devices you can use during your fap sessions.

Silicone Feet prides itself on creating “anatomically correct” feet replicas (something they do very well.

From foot wrinkles to texture, weight, and even color, they got everything imitated to the tee.

SF creates three types of foot sculptures: Platinum, with detailed skin texture and few veins; Super Platinum, with enhanced skin texture, veins, wrinkles, and pigments; and Perfect, which is almost indistinguishable from a real foot.

You can shop at Silicone Feet based on categories. For instance, if you’re looking for foot fleshlights, they have an album solely dedicated to this type of toy.

Like FFT, Silicone Feet delivers toys at least 7 days from purchase. They offer door-to-door delivery with a tracking number. Everything remains discreet, so people will never know the perversity inside your box.

It’s unusual to receive a faulty foot toy from Silicone Feet. But in case there’s something wrong with what you receive, Silicone Feet’s customer service is available 24/7, ready to respond to any of your queries.

Get foot silicone replicas at Silicone Feet

Best Foot Fetish Sites FAQs

What is the Best Site to Sell Feet Pics?

The best site to sell feet pics is Feet4Cash. This site helps feet pics sellers market their content to their target audience through micro-niches. Feet4Cash also has a low payout requirement of $150, meaning amateur and long-time sellers can immediately reap the rewards of their hard work.

How to Find People to Buy Feet pics?

To find people to buy feet pics, you can sign up as a seller on foot fetish sites like FeetFinder and Feet4Cash. Afterward, decide what types of foot fetish content you want to produce. This will help you easily identify the right audience that will buy your content.

What is the Best Foot Fetish Site?

The best foot fetish site is FeetFinder, as it offers a plethora of high-quality content for foot lovers. Whether you’re into soles, tattooed feet, dirty, high heels, or fishnet, FeetFinder got you covered.

Is selling feet pics legal?

In most countries, selling feet pics is legal. This unique and profitable venture is not considered pornography or adult content, so it makes sense that selling feet pics is completely acceptable in different jurisdictions. However, it’s best to review your country’s laws to verify whether selling pics is legal.

Is FeetFinder worth it?

FeetFinder is worth it if you have a foot fetish and want to buy high-quality feet content. This phenomenal platform is one of the most well-known foot fetish sites, garnering over 5,000 five-star reviews since its launch.

FeetFinder is also worth it, even if you’re a seller. Many foot models claimed they earned thousands of dollars as they uploaded pictures of their feet on this platform.

How do you get paid on Fun with Feet?

To get paid on Fun With Feet, you must avail of any of their subscription plans first. This allows you to sell feet pics on the platform and withdraw your earnings. You must also have your account verified to be considered a legitimate FWF seller.

Are feet pics easy money?

Feet pics are easy money if you know how to sell them properly. Feet pic sellers can earn at least $10 per image by simply selling feet pics online.

But you need to add some twist to your feet pics if you want them to be marketable. You can add accessories to your feet to make them look sexier. Pedicured feet are also an all-time favorite among foot enthusiasts.

Where can I Buy Feet Pics Online?

You can buy feet pics online on the best foot fetish sites like FeetFinder, FeetRecords, and Fun With Feet. These websites curate the sexiest pre-made and custom feet pics from foot models and sell them to the public. Note that you must create an account with these websites before buying feet pics from them.

Moreover, many of the best cam sites have foot fetish models

Best Feet Fetish Sites: Final Thoughts

The best foot fetish sites are reliable platforms to unleash your love of this peculiar sexual interest. Whether you’re buying feet pics for pleasure or selling feet pics for income, these fetish sites got you covered.

We hailed FeetFinder as the leading website among foot fetish websites because of its high-quality feet albums and variety of feet content for different types of foot enthusiasts.

If you’re thinking of selling your feet pics, Feet4Cash is a great place to start, as it helps sellers connect to their target customers quickly.

Of course, the other four best feet fetish sites we’ve listed are also worth a try. As long as you love feet, these sites will never leave you disappointed.

So happy foot hunting, folks! May you always find the most gorgeous feet to satisfy your cravings.

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