A College Freshman’s Guide to Travelling


A College Freshman’s Guide to Travelling

Travelling can be an expensive business, so here’s a college freshman’s guide to travelling within the constraints of a student’s budget...

As a college freshman, they are excited to embark on this brand-new chapter of their life and embrace the independence that comes with it. One of the things they are really looking forward to is the opportunity to travel and explore new places. While they have traveled with their family in the past and enjoyed those experiences, they are eager to create their own adventures and see the world from a different perspective.

However, what you may not know is how expensive travelling can be. Here’s a college freshman’s guide to travelling within the constraints of a student’s budget.

A College Freshman's Guide to Travelling

Plan Your Trip Out

Travelling isn’t something anyone can do on a whim; it requires a lot of planning and forethought. You need to figure out where you want to go, the hotspots you want to visit and how much it’s going to cost. Furthermore, if you’re hoping to go overseas, then you need to factor in getting a US passport, visas, and flight costs. The initial planning stage can take quite a bit of time, so don’t worry about spending if you need.

Create a Travelling Budget

Once your initial plan is set up, the next step is to create a vacation budget. This budget will go over a calculated estimate of how much you’ll be spending on this excursion. While the cost does ultimately depend on where you’re going, you can still expect to spend a few hundred on average. As a college freshman, you most likely don’t have a lot in savings yet. However, there’s a way around this: taking out a student credit card. If you’re ready to manage your own budget, then you’re also ready to handle your first credit card. What sets a student card from a traditional one is that they come with specific benefits.

A College Freshman's Guide to Travelling

Most student credit cards give you access to free credit checks and come with zero interest rates for a certain amount of time. Other benefits can include reward programs and bonuses for showcasing good grades. One thing to note, however, is that credit cards aren’t a source of infinite money. You will have a limit you can spend, which makes budgeting more important. Just because your card has a zero percent interest rate now doesn’t negate the fact you need to pay back what you spend.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Being a college student makes you eligible for student discounts. Student discounts are offered by many companies, and this includes transportation services. Amtrak offers college students 15 to 20 percent off on their tickets. The same also applies to airlines if you plan on taking a plane. Though, not every company offers the same benefits, so be sure to research and compare each company before deciding.

Use Travel Hacks

Travelling hacks are unique ways to streamline your trip and make the whole process more efficient. You can use free Wi-Fi, so you can save on your international data plan. When searching for good travel deals, make sure to clear your cookies, so the site doesn’t remember you. The more you visit a site, the higher the prices get.