Best Ways to Achieve Larger But Natural Lips

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Best Ways to Achieve Larger But Natural Lips

Getting naturally fuller lips has never been easier, even without fillers. Here's the best ways to achieve larger but natural lips...

Do you ever feel like your lips are too small? Even if they’re not small, many people yearn to get fuller-looking lips. If you want to make them appear larger but don’t want to go through surgery or use injections, keep reading this post. Here, we will outline some of the best ways to achieve larger but natural lips without using any cosmetic surgeries. These tips should help you get started on the right path toward sensual, fuller lips.

What Are Lips Made Of?

If we are talking about lip anatomy, lips have Cupid’s bow (Cupid means passionate desire, and this part resembles a bow that Cupid is carrying) and upper and lower vermillion border – the outline of your lips. The cultural significance of lips is immense, and kissing brings a myriad of sensations and stimulates hormone production and even euphoria. A little-known fact is that lips are much more tactile than fingertips due to millions of nerve endings.

Best Ways to Achieve Larger But Natural Lips

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Are Bigger Lips More Attractive?

While beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, science says that yes – lips affect how other people perceive you. Fuller lips are associated with sexuality, sensuality, and even how kind you appear to others. In the past, fuller lips were connected with fertility and mating, which is why kissing plays a role in selecting a prospective partner even today. Moreover, thin lips are often seen as a sign of ageing, which by default means that we will associate bigger, fuller lips with youth and vigor.

How to Get Bigger Natural Lips Using Makeup

If surgery and lip fillers are out of the question, there’s makeup. It’s fairly easy to use contouring and makeup tips and tricks to emphasise the size of your lips. If you’re not sure how to make your lips look bigger with makeup, there are plenty of YouTube makeup tutorials and TikToks that can help you out.

– Exfoliate and Hydrate Your Lips

The way that light hits your lips affects your lip appearance. With or without makeup, lips can look older, tired, and smaller if they are cracked and unmoisturised. So, the first step towards fuller lips is to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells and moisturise right after. You can use toothbrush bristles in a circular motion or any lip scrub.

– Apply a Lip Gloss

The popularity of lip gloss was immense – it’s not widely known that Max Factor invented lip gloss in 1932, specifically for actresses in black and white movies. Since then, lip gloss popularity has taken over the world. Today, when attempting to create a fuller lip look, people use lip gloss because the shimmering refracts the light beautifully, making them appear larger.

Pro tip: use a lighter tone lip gloss and apply it in the middle of the lower and upper lip.

– Use a Lip Plumper

Lip plumpers use a tingling sensation to enhance the blood flow to the lips. The best lip plumpers will also moisturise the lips to keep them hydrated. If you use a lip plumper that also has hyaluronic acid and collagen extracts, it will naturally nourish the lips. With that naturally occurring, long(er) lasting swelling and enhanced blood flow, active ingredients will penetrate the skin easier.

– Try a Lip Mask

A lip mask is a quick fix that will restore some of the lips’ vigour and elasticity. Lip masks are good if you want to combat ageing. Some lip masks are made from silicone, so they retain moisture for prolonged periods. The ultimate goal still remains hydration, and well-hydrated, uncharted lips appear fuller.

– Overline Your Natural Lips

Drawing over the line of your lips and filling it out with lipstick will immediately achieve a fuller and bigger lip look. Just make sure to use matte lipstick – it’s easier to overdraw, correct and fill the lip area. This is the best way to achieve a blended look. Non-matte lipsticks with lip gloss over the drawn lines usually show underneath them.

– Overline Your Lips With Concealer After Lipstick

We all make mistakes, so if you do all these steps above and apply lipstick and a lip liner, you can correct smudges and over-overdrawn lips.

Best Ways to Achieve Larger But Natural Lips

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Look For Lip Products With Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides

Our youthful appearance is largely due to the skin’s elasticity. Plump skin looks healthy – over time, skin loses elasticity and important building materials like collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid. Cell regeneration is affected by age and sun damage too. And that is exactly how wrinkles creep in – we lose natural ingredients that help keep our skin fresh and rejuvenated. That is why ageing skin often looks tired and without elasticity.

In time, we start to produce less hyaluronic acid, so using products that have it can be very beneficial. The same goes for lips. If you’re wondering how to make your lips look bigger naturally, you can grow your volume with natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Usually, there are fewer skin irritations when using hyaluronic acid products because the body recognises hyaluronic acid and collagen as natural ingredients.

Take Collagen Supplements

Collagen’s main ability is to bind water, which is why with fewer collagen fibres, we often have that tired and dull skin appearance. Apart from using products that have to penetrate the skin barrier in order to work, you can also use collagen supplements. Your hair will thank you as well, not just your lips.

Apply a Hyaluronic Acid Serum

If you want to have plumper lips, you can use a hyaluronic acid serum. Splash it on your face, not just your lips – you will see how hydrated your skin will be. Hyaluronic acid also prevents and even reduces wrinkles with its super moisturising properties.

Best Ways to Achieve Larger But Natural Lips

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Home Remedies to Get Bigger Natural Lips

Home remedies are a good way to boost the size of your natural lips with ingredients lying around your house – or a good excuse to go shopping for natural produce.

Just like in cosmetic products, these ingredients will work well at home too. You can use vasodilatation products which will improve skin circulation and restore blood flow. It’s not a coincidence that all vasodilators are often the ingredients found in lip plumpers.

If you’re wondering how to make your lips look bigger without makeup, here’s a list of some of the home remedies you can use:

– Cinnamon,
– Chilli or Cayenne Pepper,
– Cloves,
– Peppermint.

Facial Exercises and Massage for Bigger Lips

Facial yoga is all the rage, and rightfully so. Our face and lips have muscles, and if exercised, you can tone them and work them out.

Massage can help, too. It improves blood flow and helps with hydration and moisture retention. You can massage your lips by slowly pinching them with your fingers or stretching your upper and lower lip to the sides. You can also rub your fingers in a circular motion on your lips and beneath them to boost circulation. Speaking of lip massage, you can also use a Jade roller or Gua Sha to improve the blood flow to the lip area.

Here is a video of cool Yoga exercises you can try in the comfort of your home:

What’s the Best Technique to Get Fuller Natural Lips?

The best technique is the one that works for you, but the idea is the same behind all of them: scrub the dead skin cells, improve the blood flow, and hydrate your lips with ingredients that occur in the skin naturally. If all else fails, fake it and make it with various makeup tips and tricks.