A Guide To Keeping Your Pets Warm In Winter


A Guide To Keeping Your Pets Warm In Winter

It's important to keep your pets warm in winter; let's look at some easy ways to keep the cosy when the temperature drops...

We all know that we need to take extra precautions with our pets during the summer months. However, it is just as important to keep your pet warm in winter. With heating costs rising, how can you do this without turning up the radiators? In this article, take a look at some easy and fun ways to keep your pets cosy when the temperature drops.

How warm should your pet be?

Asking yourself ‘is my dog too cold?’ is a common question that many pet owners ask themselves during the colder months. Pets generally prefer to be comfortably warm rather than hot, and for a dog, their body temperature should be around 38 to 39C. If your pet is cold, you may notice them shivering, acting more tired than usual, or walking stiffly. They may also curl up tightly to retain heat, or vocalise their distress – so look out for these signs, especially if your home is on the cooler side.

A Guide To Keeping Your Pets Warm In Winter

Photo, Brooke Cagle.

Dress them for winter

You wouldn’t leave the house without your winter coat on – and if you have a pet, you should provide them with a coat too. Dog coats should be fitted to retain body heat, and waterproof options are a great idea for the drizzly and snowy season to ensure they are protected in any weather conditions. While certain breeds are more suited to the cold, others definitely need a helping hand; https://harvoola.com/, for example, have a fabulous collection of stylish coats for Italian Greyhounds.

Spend more time indoors

A simple way to keep your pet warm is to go outside a little less. Long walks for dogs or plenty of time in the garden for cats might be the norm for you, but this can make warming them up afterwards more difficult. Introduce more interesting items inside the home, such as toys, to keep them entertained instead so they can still fulfil their active lifestyle!

Provide a high quality bed

Giving your pet a special place to settle down gives them a sense of having their own space and can help them to stay cosy and away from the cold. At Keplin Group, there are a great range of comfortable pet bed options so your pet can feel more settled and happy, as well as warming them up. As well as providing a high-quality bed for your pet, you can take easy measures to keep their bed extra warm. Adding blankets made of material that holds the heat such as fleece can not only make their bed more comfortable and appealing, it can increase body heat.

A Guide To Keeping Your Pets Warm In Winter

Photo, Helena Lopes.

Don’t over-groom

During the summer, you may groom your pet more often than usual. In the winter, you can cut back a little and let them grow out their natural coat to keep them warm. A caveat on this is that you should still brush them, especially pets with coats that are prone to tangling, and some breeds that cannot shed will need to be groomed regardless. Go for longer cuts, but make sure that paws are well groomed so that snow does not become impacted when they go outside.

Keep them dry

When you do take your pet outside, or they head out on their own, make sure to dry them off thoroughly if they get wet. Similarly, if you have washed them recently, keep them inside until they are fully dried. This will keep them from getting too cold – just like you wouldn’t want to leave the house with wet hair in the wintertime.

Stay active

It might sound stressful to keep a high-energy pet indoors, but you can still enjoy fun and exercise without leaving the house! Playing active games with your pet, inside or outside when the weather is a little milder, can increase their heart rate (and yours!) and warm them up the natural way, as well as release pent-up energy and keep them calm and happy.