Best Synthetic Urine Kits


Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Best Synthetic Urine Kits: Top brands for passing a drug test with fake pee...

The circumstances surrounding the legalisation of marijuana are subject to a great deal of change at the moment. In several states, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is strictly prohibited, and in certain jurisdictions, marijuana use for recreational purposes is permitted.

Nevertheless, there are certain contexts in which such a choice would be unacceptable. You may believe that going to a stranger and asking to use their real or fake urine is the best course of action, but there is a more prudent alternative available to you — the best synthetic urine kits.

Since your professional future may be on the brink, putting up with a tiny bit of fake urine to maintain your work is worthwhile.

Although this is not the most foolproof technique, using the best synthetic urine is an alternative way to pass a drug test.

After using marijuana, there are a lot of individuals who discover themselves in the position of having to finish a drug test. Many home cures based on urban legends or old wives’ tales are said to help in a crisis, but if you have a drug test, you should not take any risks.

Because losing your work is a considerably more stressful experience than being nervous, many people choose to use fake urine rather than risk their employment. So, read on to learn about our top picks.

Top 5 Brands for Synthetic Urine Kits

1 – Test Clear Powdered Synthetic Urine Test Kit – Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit (Editor’s Choice)
2 – Quick Luck – Most Accurate High Temperature Fake Pee on the Market
3 – Sub Solution – Ideal Synthetic Urine for a Drug Screening
4 – Urinator – Best Handy Synthetic Urine for Beating a THC Test
5 – Clear Choice Incognito Belt – Trusted Urine Test for Best Fake Pee Result

#1. Test Clear Powdered Synthetic Urine Test Kit – Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit (Editor’s Choice)

Test Clear Powdered Synthetic Urine Test Kit

Companies like Test Clear pioneered the commercialisation of synthetic urine. However, when it comes to passing medication tests, this firm has been supplying a variety of fake items over the past two decades for hair, urine, and saliva tests.

According to the company, synthetic pee is created from naturally-occurring human excrement. Furthermore, the business boasts that its synthetic urine has never ceased to pass a drug test.

Using this kit is guaranteed to be a genuine experience. Additionally, it provides the most reliable results for drug tests. Urinary salts and uric acid are included in its composition.


Comparing Costs: The kit costs $49.95, which is average in the world of drug testing goods.

Test Clear’s synthetic urine is far cheaper than a detoxification drink, and it is proven to work 100% of the time compared to other cleansing treatments. We strongly suggest the Test Clear powdered urine kit for anybody undergoing an unassisted drug urine screen.

Composition: Two air-activated warmers and two different temperature sensors are included in the Test Clear synthetic urine kit. The heating element can only be used once and has a six-hour lifespan. In order to avoid this, it is essential to prepare ahead of time.

Usage: Passing a drug test is easier with Test Clear’s powdered urine. You may use the powdered urine sample for any urine drug screening, regardless of whether the individual performing the check is physically present or not. In most cases, drug tests necessary for work are unsupervised unless they are for legal reasons.

Additional Vial: It is convenient to have the option of adding more vials if you need more volume. Although just a few drops are required, a louder sound will help you make an impression on your listeners.

Also, adding an additional 25ml of water to the powdered urine, which researchers offer you, will not have an adverse effect.

Outstanding: This item stands apart because it is made from dried pee rather than synthetic materials. Real urine has a near-zero risk of failing a drug test since it is so authentic. In addition, it is simple to use if you follow the instructions step by step.


– Ideal for unmonitored urine drug testing
– Extremely efficient
– Quick
– Inexpensive


– Can only be used in a urine drug screening

=> Click here to visit the official website “Test Clear”

#2. Quick Luck – Most Accurate High Temperature Fake Pee on the Market

Quick Luck Urine Test Kit

Quick Luck’s synthetic urine solution is among the finest in the industry, and it is the result of over 16 years of study in the laboratory.

Detox solutions and fake urine apparatuses manufactured by Clear Choice have been hailed as the best in the business. This product contains all of the important elements of urine and is completely non-toxic and free of biocides.

With Quick Luck, you do not have to worry about failing an unexpected drug test as you might with some other synthetic urine apparatuses.

Regarding pH, velocity, and creatinine spectrum, Quick Luck is the only pre-mixed artificial urine kit that resembles actual human pee.

The secret recipe includes 11 distinct chemical substances, namely uric acid and urea, so it works for both men and women.


3oz Jar: A 3oz bottle of Quick Luck synthetic urine, a high-temperature enhancer powder, and a temperature strip are included in the Quick Luck package.

Thermostats: Heat pads are included with Quick Luck to help you get your urine specimen to the appropriate temperature and keep it there.

Powder That Has Been Warmed: Adding Quick Luck’s heat enhancer powder to your fake pee produces a chemical effect that immediately raises the temperature. If you get to the urine testing center and realize that perhaps the heat pads have just not worked, this is what you will use.

Adding only a small amount more than necessary can cause your urine specimen to rise to 120 ° and be thrown away by the machine, so be careful.


– Protective seal provided
– Heat initiator powder included
– Can be microwaved
– Free shipping on purchases above $135


– High-priced item

=> Click here to visit the official website “Quick Luck”

#3. Sub Solution – Ideal Synthetic Urine for a Drug Screening

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Test Kit

You may depend on a further synthetic urine kit supplied by Test Negative called Sub Solution when you have an impending drug test. Test Negative auctions for this product, and contrary to Quick Luck, which has only been around for a short while, Sub Solution has been available to consumers for a considerable amount of time.

The Sub Solution fake pee set does not include any harmful chemicals or preservatives of any kind. Clear Choice, whose goods are sold by Test Negative, is the owner of the synthetic urine copyright and multiple trademark registrations in the United States and Canada, and it offers high-quality and efficient products. Test Negative commercialises Clear Choice’s goods.

Additionally, synthetic urine kits sold by this brand are highly prominent for use in educational and scientific settings. The formulation used in this synthetic urine is crafted in the presence of highly trained chemists and experts who keep a close eye on every step of the process.

As a result, the chemical makeup is similar to that of natural human urine, which means it will look normal on a drug screening. In addition, the company sells a practice set for an additional fee in conjunction with this product.


Affordable and Reputable: Sub Solution is a fantastic tool that may be used for a variety of reasons, including research, teaching, and even just plain old practical jokes. Because it is much more affordable than the Quick Luck, which costs $80, it is always acceptable as a substitute for the enhanced version.

Effective: Sub Solution is unnoticeable, synthetic urine that does not contain toxins and is claimed to be 100% successful. Their top-secret pee recipe has 11 distinct chemical constituents designed to simulate actual human urine. The formula is calibrated to achieve optimal pH, dry density, and creatinine levels, to name a few of its characteristics.

No Biocides: Clear Choice does not include biocides, unlike the majority of synthetic urine kits. They have an excellent track record and are well trusted by their customers.

Certified: This brand has been tested and proven to fool medical-grade devices in a lab. Users of cannabis all over the globe have placed their faith in it due to its comparatively good track record.


– Replicates real urine
– More affordable than other options on our list
– Heat source packs and a basic container included
– Suitable for any gender


– Failing the test is a possibility

=> Click here to visit the official website “Sub Solution”

#4. Urinator – Best Handy Synthetic Urine for Beating a THC Test

Urinator Synthetic Urine Test Kit

Urinator is available for you anytime you are carrying out research or just need to take a drug test. In contrast to other kits, this one uses extensive technology to supply you with the smoothest possible experience.

The urine that the individual is currently combining and generating may be placed in the pack and warmed at the optimal temperature for a period of close to 240 minutes.

You will not have to be worried about the warmth of your sample lowering shortly before your test since it is kept at a consistent temperature.


Instructions: When you are already concerned about the guidelines, you will be relieved to learn that you can find clear instructions online and within the box itself. If nothing else, you will not have to worry about throwing away a specimen because you warmed it to the incorrect temperature.

Price: The extraordinary sum of $169.95 is paid in exchange for comfort, and we strongly recommend weighing all of the benefits and drawbacks of this option before deciding due to the high cost.

Shipment: You will not get filtered water, which is a necessity for the procedure, but you will get all of the other components, including a free specimen of powdered synthetic urine as a bonus.

Batteries: The Urinator is equipped with two 9-volt batteries, and each is responsible for propelling the controlled heater. This way, the temperature may be kept at the ideal level. It has the capability of maintaining the temperature for close to four hours.


– Reusable device
– Maintains the optimal temperature
– Foolproof method


– Not easy to conceal

=> Click here to visit the official website “Urinator”

#5. Clear Choice Incognito Belt – Trusted Urine Test for Best Fake Pee Result

Clear Choice Incognito Belt

Designed by Test Negative, this is a way for you to transport the synthetic urine discreetly. The Clear Choice Incognito Belt is a synthetic urine container. Urine may be sent to the sample holder through the belt, which is powered by momentum.

As soon as you unwrap the clasp on the bladder sack, pee drains easily via a leather drain tube that is attached.

You may use this synthetic urine device without fear of exposure to poisonous substances or biocides. Aside from that, the liquid’s viscosity and hue are identical to those of individual

A belt containing a rubber tube may be disguised beneath the waist belt, as “incognito” implies. Passing a drug test will be a piece of cake with this contraption’s unusual and cutting-edge design.


Features That Stand Out: You get a container of pre-mixed synthetic pee, a flexible belt, two throwaway heating pads, and a thermometer with the Clear Choice Incognito Belt.

Convenience: In addition, a comprehensive user manual is included for added convenience. Refrigeration and freezing options are available for the urine kit as well.

Pre-Mixed: You do not have to spend time preparing the solution since the urine is already mixed.

After checking that the temperature is correct, discharge the sample, and exert force to the bag in order to expedite this. Once you have released it, shut each of the clips you were holding. The heating pad typically takes 15-60 minutes to heat up and lasts 10 hours once unpacked.

Cost-Effective: Using a synthetic urine kit like the one included with the Incognito Belt is both handy and cost-effective.


– Belt included, making the process simpler
– Detailed instructions provided
– One-year life span


– Can only be reused one time

=> Click here to visit the official website “Clear Choice Incognito Belt”

How We Made the Synthetic Urine Fake Pee List

The synthetic urine kits on the market are the real deal and provide the goods. But, on the other hand, finding a set of the appropriate quality might be challenging. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to keeping synthetic urine at an ideal temperature.

Because of this, we have used certain rigorous criteria in order to locate the brands that can be relied upon the most.

Success Rate

To begin, we thought about the brands and products that have a history of being successful. When it concerns undergoing drug tests for work, nobody likes to take a risk on anything. As a result, the goods we have selected are both effective and dependable.

These synthetic urine kits have been renowned for their ability to preserve the urine condition, which is an essential factor in determining whether or not a person will take a drug test. In addition, they have been known to assist numerous cannabis aficionados in passing drug tests for a while now.

Shelf Life

We looked for synthetic urine that had a longer life span so you would not have to be concerned about the warmth, composition, hue, and smell becoming less than ideal over time.

The best synthetic urine kits that we tested performed well in unexpected drug test screenings. In addition, forming these synthetic specimen solutions imitates the foaming of actual human urine.


The components are where you will find the answer to what makes a synthetic urine kit so trustworthy. Urine from humans contains a variety of substances, such as salt, potassium, chlorine, creatinine, urea, uric acid, and others.

Urine also contains water. Therefore, we tested to see whether the synthetic urine kits included any components that were similar to those found in actual pee.

Before being on the market, our leading five synthetic urine kits underwent a stringent manufacturing process in GMP-certified facilities.

After that, they are kept in the best possible conditions for storage.

Simplicity of Use

It is important to us that our clients not have any difficulty using synthetic urine kits. A good kit for making synthetic urine is one that will not harm your health and is simple to work with.

In addition, a comprehensive instruction manual is included in the package. Therefore, all that is required of you is to observe the directions properly.


In this shopping guide, we will exclusively introduce you to businesses that provide lightning-fast delivery options.

We know that a drug test’s approaching results might cause anxiety and skepticism. Therefore, it is best for you if the goods are delivered in the shortest possible time.

The best manufacturers of synthetic urine make sure their clients get their kits in a timely manner. Furthermore, many different businesses provide a money-back assurance if the product does not live up to the consumer’s expectations.


Before they can be sent out, synthetic urine kits must be carefully sealed, and this is a much more pressing concern for companies who offer synthetic urine that has already been combined.

We concentrate on companies that provide ecologically-friendly branding in order to guarantee that our clients get high-quality items.

Evaluations from Customers

Last but not least, we were interested in learning the views of our consumers. Therefore, we read reviews and polls to determine which synthetic urine brands are most popular among consumers. In addition to this, we also considered how popular these businesses are on various social media platforms.

The following five synthetic urine kits came out on top when we conducted in-depth research and took into account the feedback of industry professionals. Despite this, we will never stop advising you to examine the goods thoroughly before making a purchase.

Buying Guide: For Quick Fix Urine

It is impossible to pass a drug test by consuming a lot of water or mixing your urine, as these tests are quite rigorous and stringent. If you mess up only once, you may as well forget about having a successful career.

Additionally, legal action may be taken against you. Therefore, when something as important as your career is on the line, it is in your best interest to stick with only reputable companies.

Safe Ingredients

The product you select to purchase should have the appropriate amounts of several chemical components, such as ammonia, salt levels, creatinine, and urea.

In addition, you need to determine if the pH level and general appearance of the synthetic urine seem comparable to that of human pee.

Labs are able to readily determine whether or not the smell, color, or relative density of the synthetic urine accurately mimics that of real pee.

The perfect synthetic urine kit would be one that was completely risk-free to use and devoid of harmful chemicals like biocides and poisons.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There is a choice of powdered synthetic urine or a liquid version. In the event that it is in the form of a powder, you will need to produce the urine specimen solution by putting it in the appropriate quantity of water.

The majority of powdered synthetic urine apparatuses are created from genuine human urine that has been dried out.

And from the other side, liquid synthetic urine is available in a full-bodied form and is pre-mixed. Therefore, processing samples made from watery urine is somewhat less difficult.

On the other hand, liquid pee has a limited shelf life compared to powdered synthetic urine, which is one of the disadvantages of using it.

Consistent Temperature

Urine from humans has a temperature that varies from around 90 to 100 ℉. Any temperature that falls outside of this range is unacceptable, according to the drug testing agency.

A healthy individual has a temperature of 98.6 ° F throughout their whole body. Therefore, the conditions of your specimen have to be maintained at around 96 degrees during the process.

Women often use a hip pouch with a rubber duct that allows them to discharge the urine specimen between their legs while sitting on the toilet. This helps keep the specimen warm.

Tips for Keeping Synthetic Urine Safe

Ensure the urine kit is stored in the best possible circumstances after you have decided on a brand. Incredibly high and low temperatures, moisture, and susceptibility to dust and oxygen too soon may all shorten the lifespan of synthetic urine.

In addition, all of them break down the chemical bonds between the urine’s components. So, verify the expiration date before you use it.

Observe the Directions

Do not attempt to create the urine specimen solution in accordance with the directions provided. Instead, take note of the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to the letter.

The urine sample might be damaged if it is overheated. Using the best synthetic urine kits in violation of local, state, or national statutes is never a good idea either.

Always remember that fake urine is expensive. For third-party purchases, be sure you are getting the real deal.

Take your time and follow the manual carefully before using the kit for the first time. Even before taking a drug test, get some experience handling fake urine to improve your chances of passing.

FAQs: How to Pass a THC Test with Fake Pee

Q1. What Kinds of Tests May You Use Fake Urine For?

Fake urine can only be used for urine drug screening tests.

Q2. For a Drug Screening, What Temperature Should the Urine Be?

Temperatures of 94-100 ° F are typical, as temperatures in the human body often fall within this range.

Q3. Is It Possible to Identify Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine might be identified if you do not read the instructions correctly and make mistakes with the sample. However, you should not be caught if you obey the instructions to the letter and carry out the maneuver flawlessly.

Q4. How Can You Urinate with Synthetic Urine?

Fortunately for you, there is a technique to deceive the pee-monitoring device that reviews to see whether you are truly urinating. Many synthetic urine manufacturers provide urination gadgets that may be used to make the process look authentic.

Q5. What Is the Best Way to Keep the Urine Under Wraps?

In the event of a drug test, you have the option of concealing your urine in a number of different methods.

To start making it seem as if you are urinating, most individuals use a belt and a tube attached to it that may run down their leg.

You may make your belt or buy one from a supplier. As a precaution, it is recommended to conceal your belt between your navel and chest.

Q6. When It Comes to Synthetic Urine, How Much Do I Need?

2oz of urine is the standard amount needed for a drug test. The first few moments you do it, there is a strong possibility you will make a mistake or need some additional help. Carrying more than this is a good idea so you are ready for anything.

Q7. Is There a Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Pee?

The majority of synthetic urine is bisexual, and gender is seldom tested in these situations. The only thing that counts is how you deliver the sample.

However, if you are ever concerned, special samples are available for females only. Nonetheless, the only distinction you will notice is the price. You can count on consistently high standards when you buy from a reputable company.

Q8. How Long Does Pee Retain Its Heat?

Between two and six hours is the recommended time for using hand warmers to maintain heat. Waiting for a urine test for much longer would be risky.

Q9. What Is the Best Way to Maintain the Temperature of the Urine?

The hand warmer in any excellent synthetic urine kit will help retain heat. Let it sit for a minimum of 45 minutes before removing it.

Q10. Where Can I Get Synthetic Urine Close to My Home?

While it may be possible to get a synthetic urine kit close to your home, your best bet is to purchase straight from the manufacturer on the internet to ensure you do not obtain fake or copycat items.

Q11. What Affects How Long THC Stays in Your System?

Several variables affect how long marijuana stays in your bloodstream, and this comprises the amount (dose) and duration of administration (frequency).

The moment it takes for cannabis to exit your body seems to increase with higher dosages and more frequent use.

Conclusion: Why Choose the Best Fake Pee Products

While we have provided a variety of alternative solutions to passing that drug test, the greatest thing you could do is to give up using drugs entirely.

However, that is not always a feasible solution, which is why we provided this list of the best synthetic urine kits currently available on the market.

Before purchasing or utilising these goods, verify your regional laws carefully. Finally, we hope you pass your test successfully and hassle-free.