3 Tips For Promoting Your Online Business

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3 Tips For Promoting Your Online Business

Not all ecommerce businesses can turn side hustle into steady source of income. Discover top tips for promoting your online business...

It seems like everyone is starting an online business nowadays, which makes sense in today’s climate. With so many eCommerce platforms and management tools, it’s never been easier to start your own venture and sell products to customers worldwide. But what do you know about promoting your online business?

Not every eCommerce business owner knows how to turn their side hustle into a steady source of income. The key is in how you promote your products. Unless you’re already famous, marketing is the only way to get your business out there and into the eyes of potential consumers. 

So, if you’d like to make more money from your business, consider these promotion three tips.

Promoting Your Online Business

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1. Search Engine Advertisements

Search engines are the backbone of the internet today and are used by most internet users. By having your advertisements placed on the front page of searches, your products are almost guaranteed to be seen by a wider audience. And there isn’t a search engine that’s more better suited for boosting brand visibility than Google. 

Google offers a platform that not only features businesses through search engine optimisation but also insightful analytical data that shows what customers are clicking on and what strategies your competitors use to rank.

Plus, Google is compatible with several software extensions available that help you appear on search engines. For example, if you use Magento 2 for your online shopping cart, the Magento 2 Google Shopping extension is designed to work with Google Analytics. A subscription cost is common with software like this but is generally more affordable than buying individual advertisements.

Promoting Your Online Business

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2. Advertise on Social Media

Most people are on some form of social media, so anything you post has the potential to spread far and fast. Offering rewards for following your social media or sharing your posts can go a long way towards making sure your product reaches as many people as possible. That way, your customers do the hard work for you. You’re also likely to be seen by other businesses that may want to partner with you.

Having an online presence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram also gives your business more credibility, and the opportunity to interact with customers directly means you can use their feedback to improve your sales.

People in each demographic tend to gravitate towards certain social media types. You should have your business advertised on multiple platforms to make sure you reach your target audience.

You can do this by having paid advertisements on the website or by creating a free account and spreading your posts yourself. Both have pros and cons, but if your business can afford to pay, then the most effective method is a combination of both.

Promoting Your Online Business

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3. Referral Rewards

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and establishes more trustworthiness than any other method. If you want customers to refer people they know to your website, then give incentives for spreading a positive reviews about your business.

Gift cards and transferrable store credit are one way to get someone to purchase your product for the first time, and people are more likely to use a business they already know and trust.

Similarly, discount codes, deals, and free items attached to purchases are good strategies to give yourself a favourable first impression and get people to come back for more.

The Bottom Line

Marketing isn’t easy, but it becomes more effective over time. Plus, the more you gain experience implementing these tips and learning from Google Analytics, the more marketing savvy you will become.

Even if your business starts out struggling, don’t give up on it yet; success could be just around the corner if you start working on your promotional strategies today.