“Cooling Off” Period Vs GamStop


“Cooling Off” Period Vs GamStop

The "Cooling Off” Period Vs GamStop: assessing different approaches to self-exclusion for those suffering from problem gambling...

At present, both problem gambling, and gambling addiction are some of the most alarming issues faced by nations worldwide. To combat such a situation, and help their citizens, several initiatives are taken up by the government, NGOs, WHO, etc., that ensure in providing help to the problem gamblers. Self-exclusion is one of the most effective methods to relieve oneself from real games and problem gambling. The user is under complete restriction from all websites pertaining to online gambling for a specific period.

Both the “Cooling Off” period and GamStop are important self-exclusion tools, aiming to help potential customers to quit online gaming for a certain period. It is quite debatable to argue which self-exclusion incentive is better than the other, as both of them come with their own pros and cons.

GamStop Self-Exclusion

GamStop was established in the UK in the year 2018, to keep a check on the growing issue of problem gambling. It is undoubtedly the most widely used exclusion software in the UK. This is mostly due to its collaboration with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensed casinos.

GamStop aims to block or abstain the user from using all the gambling apps for a specific period of time. In general, the user is completely restricted from registering in any casinos regulated by the UKGC. GamStop customers can still access the UK non GamStop Casino Gap brands and find casinos without UK self-exclusion. The self-exclusion period extends from the minimum span of six months to the maximum span of five years.

Pros of GamStop

— Installation is very easy and can function on all devices. The basic requirement is filling up the personal information which is authentic, and the same as the official documentation.

— It is a self-exclusion software, which runs free of cost.

— The user cannot be engaged in gambling activities for at least six months, which is quite effective for getting rid of gambling addiction.

— The usage is voluntary, or a user can sign up at his own will.

— The verification system of GamStop does not allow any other person, other than the customer to register, and implement it.

Cons of GamStop

— GamStop functions on UKGC-licensed casinos only. This excludes a large number of casinos that do not fall under the regulations of the UKGC. A problem gambler can subside away from their goal and get involved in playing at other casinos. This makes the functionality of self-exclusion software futile.

— GamStop collects the personal data of the user from iGaming. This is a breach of the privacy policy between the customer and the casinos.

— It is quite impossible to withdraw the registration, and the user has to wait till the period of exclusion is over. This also indicates that users cannot play even their favourite games, which might have information regarding gambling.

“Cooling Off” Period

“Cooling-Off” period is a small period of suspension from online gambling. Or, simply a short break. During the period of self-exclusion, the casinos offering it would take every measure to prevent any notification, advertisement, or promotions to reach the user.

The UK has experienced a high surge in the use of the “Cooling Off” period in the recent two years. This is because the lockdown compelled the closing of casinos, sports betting centres, and other means of betting. This therefore created huge traffic for the online casinos, thus there is also a rise in gambling addicts.

The main motive of the Cooling Off period is to control the extreme urge of gambling, by means of blocking all sorts of money flow from the bank. Banking and transactions are not blocked for other purposes for the specified time. This tool is highly beneficial for those who wish to control their habit slowly, and the behavioural traits attached to problem gambling.

Pros of the Cooling Off Period

— The period of self-exclusion extends for a small period, like three days/a week/ten days/a months or so on, depending upon the respective casinos.

— Gambling limits can be set, which allows the user to control their finances or money flow.

— This feature is available for free at all casinos.

Cons of the Cooling Off Period

— This method is ineffective for players, who are aiming to let go of gambling addiction completely.

— Sometimes, rather than fulfilling the cause of controlling the urge of gambling, the “Cooling Off” Period even contributes to a great extent to it. This implies that a gambling addict would be even more excited, and indulge in gambling after the period is over.

Concluding Thoughts

Both the self-exclusion features work in common but the main difference lies in the time frame. While the “Cooling Off” Period seeks a temporary break from gambling, GamStop aims to get rid of gambling addiction completely. Nevertheless, the choice of the tool lies with the user, and the goals they set up for themselves.