Find Your Next Partner With The Top Hook Up Apps


Find Your Next Partner With The Top Hook Up Apps

Best hookup sites in 2022: Hooking up made easy with these adult dating sites and apps

Summer might be over, but just because the weather’s cooling off, doesn’t mean your dating life has to. With a few smart moves, landing a casual date on one of the best hookup sites is definitely still possible.

In fact, your opportunities are plentiful here.

This article provides all the help you’ll need to satisfy that intimate craving you have.

Regardless of your gender, sexuality, or dating preferences, with the 25 best hookup sites and apps, finding a partner is just a Wi-Fi connection away.

Preview of the Best Hookup Sites of 2022

– Largest ‘hookup’ only website – AdultFriendFinder
– Best free app – Tinder
– Best no-strings-attached dating – Ashley Madison
– Best hookup app for women – Bumble
– LGBTQ+ friendly – Feeld
– Ideal for wealthy people – Seeking
– Casual dating only app – Pure App
– Easiest casual dating site – Zoosk
– Perfect dating site for people 50+ – SilverSingles

2022’s Best Casual Dating Sites Reviewed

1. AdultFriendFinder — Best hookup site overall



– One of the largest online hookup communities
– Lots of categories and forums to join
– Available as a mobile app
– Provides you with helpful dating articles


– Relatively higher membership rates
– No automatic pairing algorithm

Membership rates: $26.95 for 1 month; $80.85 for 3 months

AdultFriendFinder might not be the newest hookup site right now, but it’s definitely one of the largest and arguably the most popular platforms. Here you can find singles, couples, and everything in between who you can connect with and perhaps even get a chance to take out on a date.

With almost 100 million subscribers to date, it’s no surprise that AFF also has one of the most diverse communities in the online dating sites world. Here, you can find members who have formed communities around shared interests and preferences, and you’re welcome to join them in order to mingle and get closer to one another.

So, it really doesn’t matter what your dating preferences are, because there’s a high chance that you can find them on AFF. Also, not only is AFF’s overall dating community massive, but they’re also some of the most active users on any given dating site right now.

AFF is one of the best hookup sites for a reason!

The fact that it’s also available as a mobile app is all the sweeter, as it lets you take your dating game wherever you may be. And if you think that you need help when meeting people, don’t worry: AFF’s got your back. This site provides its members with helpful, legit articles and guides that you can use to improve your dating game.

2. Tinder — A very popular hook up app with young people



– One of the best user interfaces around
– Quick & easy pairing algorithm
– Chooses your match based on location
– Open to all genders
– Available throughout the world


– Numerous fake accounts spotted here
– Tinder+ required for unlimited daily access

Membership rates: $14.99 for 1 month; $8.83 for 6 months; and $6.92 for 12 months

Tinder has become so popular that the hookup app has become synonymous with online hookups. Not only that, but the terms used on the app have become part of the internet’s vocabulary at large when referring to relationships and dating.

The whole Swipe Left and Swipe Right shtick is alive and well, and none more so than on Tinder itself. Despite being a few years old, Tinder still remains one of the best hookup apps you can find right now, and that’s thanks mainly to how quick and easy they let you find a match based on your location.

And with more than 100 million users all over the world, the search for a nice companion just become way easier.

Tinder is also open to all genders, which means basically anyone can use it to find a partner they’d love to spend some time with, and that’s all with a literal swipe of the screen.

Now, there are admittedly lots of fake accounts here, but rest assured that there are far more legitimate hopefuls who are just looking for a companion. And who knows? Maybe that companion is you!

3. Ashley Madison — Best online dating site for NSA hook ups

Ashley Madison


– Made for people in relationships
– Available globally and as a mobile app
– Numerous payment methods
– Provides discreet and safe dating environment
– Great basic account features


– There are some fake accounts floating around
– Had data leak issues before

Pricing: $59.00 for 100 credits; $160.00 for 500 credits; $289.00 for 1000 credits

Ashley Madison can be described with so many words, with “scandalous” chief among them. That’s thanks to the fact that this hookup app and website was designed specifically for people who need to be discreet. There are features like face blurring and emergency logout options, for example.

AM has easily become one of the most secure and discreet hookup platforms where you can meet and connect with people online.

As you’ll find in any Ashley Madison review, AM accepts major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal, which makes it easier for you to grab yourself a paid premium membership with the site. However, believe us when we say that you’re going to have more than enough perks with a basic account.

Their account customization settings are amazing, too, as they allow you to share various media with other people on the site in order to make the whole initial meeting process smoother. And speaking of smooth? Yeah, AM is one of the most user-friendly dating apps around, not to mention that it’s available throughout the whole world.

Try it tonight!

4. Bumble — Best hookup app for women



– Provides lots of control to female members
– User interface is updated and convenient
– Provides quickfire pairing algorithm
– You can use it for free
– New member signup isn’t a hassle


– Saved matches expire and disappear

Membership rates: $149.99 for a lifetime subscription

If you’re a woman looking for a nice partner that you can perhaps go out with on a weekend, then Bumble is definitely for you. This is one of the most popular dating apps right now, and that’s primarily due to the fact that Bumble is the only adult casual dating platform that gives more control to female members.

By that, we mean only Bumble’s female members are allowed to initiate any and all conversations with the matches they encounter based on the app’s pairing algorithm. This results in a more streamlined online hookup experience with far fewer spam DMs than the regular dating app out there.

The basic membership is more than enough to help you find a partner, too, but if you want unlimited daily access to Bumble’s amazing features, you don’t have any other choice but to opt for a premium lifetime membership. Though, it would have honestly been better if Bumble at least decided to offer smaller premium membership packages.

You can’t win them all.

Regardless of what kind of membership you’re going with on Bumble, though, one thing’s for sure: creating and verifying your account with them is simple and easy. And with various kinds of users that range from casual date hunters to those looking for more serious relationships, rest assured you’re going to love Bumble’s overall adult dating community!
Go get ‘em!

5. Seeking — Best hookup site for wealthy people



– Female users can use it for free
– Has a 3 to 1 woman to man ratio
– Hookup friendly


– Made almost exclusively for male-female relationships
– Pricey membership fees

Membership rates: $89.95 per 1 month; $239.85 for 3 months

Seeking Arrangement, or more commonly referred to as Seeking, is a ‘millionaire dating’ and hookup platform first and foremost. That means this site is ideal for dudes with deep pockets and women who are looking for a financially successful partner.

Having said that, you’re going to love how Seeking also works well for hookup fans, which means that having an account on this site gives you a high chance of meeting an attractive woman and taking them out for a leisurely get-together in person.

Women who are looking for a nice man to date them will find Seeking to be one of the best options to go for, since they provide free accounts for female members. In fact, there’s a 3 to 1 ratio between females and males here, but don’t worry: more successful men join the site every single day, so you won’t be left out!

Seeking also understands that nothing ruins a casual online dating experience worse than trolls and scammers, which is why they have some of the most thorough verification processes you’ll find on any given hookup site. The result: all Seeking profiles are legit, which means you can more easily find someone to take out here.

Yes, Seeking is admittedly meant for male and female dating, but don’t fret if you’re not into that kind of hookup setting; we’ve got way more in store for you in this article, so just keep on reading, lover!

6. Feeld — Best hookup platform for group adult dating



– Caters to all genders
– Provides an inclusive and supportive community
– Even couples are welcome to join
– Nice profile features
– Reasonably priced premium memberships


– Free accounts need more features
– Lots of inactive accounts

Membership rates: $15.99 for 1 month, or $31.99 for 3 months

Feeld might advertise itself as a haven for LGBTQ+ dating, but we think it’s selling itself short when they say that. The thing is, this hookup app is open to all genders; a more apt description for them is that they’re an all-inclusive dating platform.

As such, Feeld is able to provide you with a diverse roster of dating profiles that you can check out and, of course, connect with in hopes of getting a date. You’re going to find that there are a variety of preferences here, too, when it comes to dating: casual hookups, long-term relationships, open relationships, etc.

So, if you’re looking for something specific, all you need to do is state in your Feeld profile the exact kind of relationship you’re looking for. And chances are, you’re going to find the perfect partner to date on this hookup app.

It’s great, too, that there aren’t a lot of trolls and scam accounts here, but you’ll at times notice that there are members who are just—well—absent. Still, inactive members are better than fake ones, which is a plus for Feeld in our book.

Being a mobile app, Feeld lets you take your search for a nice partner anywhere. You can also use it for free with a basic membership, but trust us when we say that you’re going to have way more fun if you decide to unlock all its features with a premium account (it’s not too pricey, either!).

7. Hinge — Most discreet casual dating app



– Send and receive messages free of charge
– Easy account setup and deactivation
– All of your info is kept safe here
– Provides you with detailed, customizable profiles
– Low membership rates


– Exclusive to mobile users

Membership rates: $9.99 for 1 month; $20.97 for 3 months; $29.94 for 6 months

At first glance, you might think that Hinge is basically just like every other adult dating or hookup app out there, but closer inspection of what this platform has to offer proves the exact opposite.

For one, Hinge is the only adult casual hookup app that provides you with a “data scrub” feature that pretty much erases all traces of your profile so that no one can find out that you’re using it, if you don’t want them to.

Conversely, reactivating your Hinge account just puts you back where you left off; there’s no tedious account re-setup required to start meeting and connecting with their members again.

Hinge is also an absolute champ when it comes to providing you with detailed member profiles that are as personal as possible, which helps you determine whether they’re a good match for you and vice-versa.

This particular casual hookup app doesn’t target any specific niche or demographic, which provides you a wide array of dating options to choose from, regardless of your preferences or gender.

Perhaps the only issue that you might have with Hinge is the fact that it initially asks you to upload 6 photos for your dating profile, but that’s more of a nitpick since we’re too lazy to rummage through our archives to find the right photo of our mugs.

When you think about it, 6 photos are just enough to determine whether you want to date someone based on both their looks and the vibe that they give out.

8. Zoosk — Easiest Casual Dating App



– Has members all over the world
– Mobile app is easy to use
– No need for manual account signups
– Basic membership is free
– Great for social media linking


– Needs more free features

Membership rates: $29.99 for 1 month; $59.99 for 2 months; $74.99 for 6 months

Zoosk might not be the largest adult dating community out there, but it can definitely hold its own against bigger competitors out there, what with its worldwide availability and some of the most user-friendly app functions available on any given hookup site or app.

This casual dating app stays true to its purpose by not even requiring its members to sign up manually for a free account; you can simply use your Facebook to create an account with them and log on to their platform.

Don’t worry, you can sign up for free, with the only fees you’re going to have to pay for on Zoosk is the optional premium membership tier that comes with additional site features and unlimited daily access to this hookup app.

Additionally, you can link up your other social media accounts to Zoosk so that other users can easily find you on your other social media accounts!

9. SilverSingles — Perfect hookup site for older people



– Great personalized pairing algorithm
– Active community of mature individuals
– User interface is convenient
– Available as a mobile app
– Reasonably large userbase


– Needs premium membership for mobile app
– Basic account features lacking

Membership rates: $37.95 per month

Even grandma and grandpa have a fair shot at finding love with the help of SilverSingles. This casual adult dating app was specifically made to become a hub for mature people, usually aged 50 and above, to meet, connect, and maybe even go out on real-life dates.

And as far as hookup sites go, we’re really puzzled how other companies out there still haven’t followed suit on SS and its magnificent features.

For one, this is probably the most user-friendly adult search site and app that you can find on the internet right now. No surprises there, considering that their primary target demographic is made up of older individuals who mostly aren’t savvy with the tech.

For another, SS doesn’t just simply rely on location-based matching systems. Instead, they employ a personalized questionnaire in order to determine which member is the best partner for you, and it’s all based on your answers.

You can get a basic account for free on SS and it’s also available as a mobile app, but you’re going to have to opt for a premium membership to get it.

Still, when you consider that this adult hookup platform has both a large and active community of mature people who are all looking for some nice companionship, you’re definitely going to want to go for a paid account instead of just a free one!

Top Free Hookup Sites – 16 Runner-Ups

Hey, we each have our own set of dating preferences, so we completely understand if you didn’t find any of our picks to match your tastes (though we highly doubt that).

In this case, we’ve compiled a list of other best hookup sites that may not have made our top 10 list, but are surely worth checking out. See them below:

1. Reddit R4R – a subreddit (online forum) designed for casual dating worldwide, one of the very few 100% free hookup sites
2. FetLife – Perfect for fans of open relationships and other alternative dating styles
3. HER – has lots of LGBTQ+ members that are supportive and active
4. Swapfinder – one of the top adult dating sites for couples looking to meet other couples
5. Grindr –the largest gay hookup app you can find right now
6. Match – a top mobile casual dating app with great location-based pairings
7. Established Men – a wealthy dating site.
8. Cougar Life – designed for older women who have a fondness for younger dates
9. AsianDate – one of the best hookup sites for people of Asian heritage and people who are attracted to them
10. OkCupid – versatile and available worldwide, with some legit profiles (among one of the biggest online dating sites for younger people)
11. Sudy – an app for wealthy singles to meet and connect
12. Black People Meet – Best for African-Americans who are looking for casual dates
13. Out Personals – specifically designed as one of the Craigslist Personals replacement sites for gay singles and couples to meet and connect with one another
14. Badoo – a casual hookup site with all the features of a great social media platform
15. Plenty of Fish – a reputable, popular, and convenient hookup app
16. Pure – with quickfire suggestions and an efficient pairing system, Pure is surely worth a gander compared to other dating apps and dating sites

These top hookup sites may not have been picked in our top 10 list, but they sure are some of the most legitimate and effective online hookup platforms that you can use to find yourself a date. Whether you’re young or old; straight or gay; looking for a one-night stand or something more serious; there’s something here for any kind of romantic!

Feel free to check all of them out!

How to Hook Up — Our Guide to First Meetings Via Online Dating Sites

Okay, so you’ve found a service you like from one of the top hookup sites online, and you’ve found some people you want to hook up with… where do you go from here?

How can I make sure I have a nice casual hookup experience?

Meeting someone for the first time could be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, “first impressions last” and all that. However, there’s no need to put yourself through undeserved stress. All you have to do is stay positive. After all, you already have one foot in the door: you’ve decided to go out there and meet people!

To help you keep the momentum going, here are a few tips you can use to find the perfect companion for you:

1. Use the right site or app

Each and every adult dating and hookup site or app out there have their own specialties, features and, most importantly, crowds.

Finding the right set of people who share the same interests and preferences as you when it comes to dating is important in increasing your chances of meeting the right person to go out with.

There are sites out there made specifically for mature people like SilverSingles; ones that are designed to help married people look for dates like Ashley Madison; and more general options like Tinder or Hinge.

The point is, find the right crowd and you’ll fit right in!

2. Clarify what you want

Most adult hookup sites provide their members with customizable profiles that let them give other members an idea of what kind of partner or date they’re looking for. You should definitely take advantage of this.

Nothing’s worse than not being on the same page when it comes to meeting people online, especially if you’re hoping to go out with them.

Stating what you want clearly helps both you and other members of the dating community become more efficient with their search, which ultimately leads to an easier time finding a legit date.

3. Always be respectful

There are already far too many trolls, fakers, and scammers on the internet, so don’t be that person who adds to the online pollution. Always remember that you and everyone else on the hookup site or app you’re using are just there to have a great time; don’t be the proverbial wet blanket.

Besides, as they say: you can catch more flies with honey than with obnoxious behavior on the internet!

4. Be mindful of your information

Much like real life, the internet can be a very dangerous place if you’re not careful. As such, it’s best that you always observe the necessary steps to keep yourself safe from anything that might harm you. Yes, it’s always fun to meet new people, but don’t be too comfortable if you’ve just met them for the first time.

Remember to keep your financial info. all to yourself at all times; don’t provide them with your home address unless they’ve earned your trust, and make sure that you always have someone listed as your emergency contact (and that they know where and who you’re going out with) just in case things don’t go as planned.

5. Safe sex. Always.

Keep yourself and your partner safe at all times, especially when engaging in intimate relations. Don’t forget to always wear some much-needed protection if you’re going to have sex with someone, especially if it’s a person you just met.

The point is, it’s best to always have some condoms and prophylactics ready in case things get spicy between you and your date!

Top Hookup Sites FAQs

What’s the best hookup site of all?

Each and every site and app that we’ve listed in this article are legitimate and effective platforms where you can find the best dates.

If you ask us, though, we heavily lean towards Ashley Madison if you’re purely looking for casual encounters. With a mix of great features, a convenient app, and an active dating community, it’s nearly guaranteed you can find a date here.

Sites like Adult Friend Finder, Tinder, Hinge, and Zoosk are great options as well. They’re made for more general purposes, with members looking for all sorts of relationships.

On the other hand, there are more niche ones like Alt or SilverSingles, which help you find a specific type of partner for very specific types of dates and relationships.

In the end, it all boils down to what kind of hookup you’re looking for. Once you know that, you can determine which site to use!

What’s the best casual dating app for female users?

There are lots of great options for women looking to date online. First, there’s Ashley Madison, whose active community is made up of some of the most willing members that are looking for some great partners to spend time with.

Another hot casual hookup app and site you should try is Seeking, which was made in such a way that favors its female members. Here, you can create and use your account for free without having to pay for any membership fees or additional charges.

What’s the best casual hookup platform for LGBTQ+ members?

Feeld is the top option that you can go with if you want a dating app that’s made specifically for LGBTQ+ members. One of the most notable things about it is how not only does it have an active and large dating community, but they provide a safe, judgment-free, and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ people to find dates.

Of course, you’re also welcome to try other sites and apps like Adult Friend Finder, Tinder, Zoosk, or Hinge. These general dating platforms have sections and categories that are directed towards the LGBTQ+ community, so you won’t have a hard time looking for the perfect partner on these sites and apps.

Can I use these hookup sites for free?

Yes you can. Most of the sites and apps that we’ve listed here offer free basic accounts that let you use their services without paying for anything. Of course, there are daily limits and other locked features in place with these basic memberships.

What’s Gonna Be Your Go-To Best Hookup Site?

Meeting people online and going out on dates with them is highly useful in today’s interconnected world. As such, checking out the sites that we’ve listed here will help you connect with more people faster and more efficiently.

Platforms like Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder, and Seeking are just a few of the top adult dating sites and apps that you can use right now, with each of them having their own features and communities.

The point is, they’re all legitimate and effective ways to find the right companion that you can spend time and, of course, form a deep personal connection with!

Regardless of your gender or dating preferences, all you need is the right online dating platform to find a suitable date. Just remember: keep yourself safe at all times and, most of all, enjoy one another’s company!

Good luck!

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