Exterior Home Improvement Investments

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Exterior Home Improvement Investments

Thinking of selling your home? Discover these top exterior home improvement investments that boost the value of your property...

As a homeowner, it is always a smart decision to invest in regular home renovations and exterior home improvement investments in order to boost the value of your real estate property. This can help increase your overall wealth. It also safeguards you and your family against potential market shocks.

While many people might consider home renovations to be an expensive undertaking, this doesn’t always have to be the case. By methodically planning this process, you can ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment. In this endeavour, it is financially feasible to focus your efforts on upgrading the exterior features of your home to enhance its curb appeal and home value.

In this article, let’s look at some amazing and easy-to-do outdoor home investments. Ones that can add a big wow factor to your home and exponentially increase your home value.

Exterior Home Improvement Investments

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Invest in Professional Gutter Installation

One of the most efficient ways to enhance your home’s outdoor look is to ensure that it remains clean at all times. Are you are experiencing regular water seepage, rot, mould, and clogging? Then it might be worth your while to invest in a brand new gutter installation.

For this purpose, we recommend hiring professional contractors who can assess the dimensions and requirements of your home before installing a gutter. You may also want to ask them important questions such as what materials they use and how the system functions.

Touch Up Exterior Paintwork

If you are looking for a quick way to improve your home’s exterior, consider touching up on the paint job. You can either consider doing it yourself or hiring professionals in case you don’t have the time or lack the necessary equipment.

In case you plan on doing it yourself, make sure you follow the following steps:

— Use a pressure washer or hose to spray down the house two times to get rid of dirt and dust.
— Repair any damaged surfaces using epoxy filler and remove flaked or chipped paint using a paint scraper or a sanding block.
— Protect doors, windows, and lights before painting using plastic sheets and painter’s tape.
— Choose a suitable colour and paint your house. If necessary, use a primer prior to this in order to remove any stains.
— Another pro tip is to paint your front door a fun bright colour such as a deep red or blue. This can add a quirky pop of colour and enliven your outdoor space.

Looking to quickly sell your home? A rapid paint touch-up is one of the easiest exterior home improvement investments that really work.

Exterior Home Improvement Investments

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Focus On Landscaping

Landscaping is a fantastic way to completely transform how your home feels and looks. It refers to anything and everything you do in your garden or yard to enhance its aesthetics.

The cornerstone of every landscaping project is to ensure that your lawn is well-trimmed. Also that your bushes and hedges are well-maintained. You can then brainstorm some ideas that will go best with your existing home’s architecture.

For instance, consider installing a stone pathway leading up to the front door. Or constructing a set of modern brick stairs and lining them with flowers. You can also add a garden arbour and have vines growing around it. It will give your house a truly royal ambience.

Additionally, you can also increase the pre-built footage of your house by constructing an outdoor deck. It could be a dining and lounging space, an outdoor fire pit, or a pergola. This has the added benefit of serving as an additional place where you and your guests can relax and have a merry good time.

Exterior Home Improvement Investments

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Add Outdoor Lighting

In order to ensure that your investments in improving your outdoor home space are worth it, consider installing outdoor accent lighting. Strategically placed lighting, such as in the garden, the driveway, and along all walkways can truly bring out the features and beauty of any home.

In case you’re worried about energy bills, try to install LED bulbs that are motion-activated. This will help you conserve energy and be sustainable in your home improvements. Make sure that you invest in weatherproof and durable lighting solutions so that you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance issues. Generally, it is ideal to work with licensed and professional contractors to help you install outdoor lights.

Parting Thoughts

Small outdoor investments are an efficient way to enhance the overall appeal of your house. Moreover, to increase its value on the property market. Just make sure that you first assess your home’s needs and requirements. Then proceed by prioritising the most critical upgrades that are required. Importantly, take your time planning and designing what you want rather than rushing the process.

We wish you the best on an exciting journey towards renovating your house.