Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA

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Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA

Learn about the best custom essay writing services for students and use this information to make and most informed choice...

Every student knows how busy they may be when there is an examination session or the end of the semester. The writing assignments are pouring in large quantities every day. It is stressful to try and meet all the deadlines without failures and decrease in quality.

That is why many students all over the world are using custom essay writing services online. They are lucky enough to have this option because it can save them some time and focus on the subjects that they find the most important ones for their future career.

In this article, we represent some reliable online essay writing services to you and provide some tips and advice on how to use them properly.

Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA

Photo, Hannah Wei. is a relatively new custom essay writing service that has already gained a positive reputation on the market. They offer a common range of writing services for a moderate payment, starting with $10 per page. This price is quite affordable for most students and is among the lowest ones in the market. They guarantee strict compliance with all the requirements and expectations of their clients. There are over 295 orders in progress which are highlighted on the site.

Their customer support is quite reliable and friendly. They work 24/7, so you can ask them questions and make inquiries from every part of the world. They are quite quick to provide you with consistent answers.

The website is properly encrypted, so they care a lot about the confidentiality and safety of all the personal information and their clients’ contacts. No third party has access to the papers and data.

They are proud of their authors, claiming that more than 600 writers with a high level of qualifications in specific fields are working for them. Judging by their policies, the authors have been tested properly. They are native English speakers and quite experienced in academic writing.

The papers are written from scratch, so they do not allow for plagiarism. You can receive a plagiarism report from the administration on demand. Up to three revisions are available if you are not satisfied with the quality. Or you may ask for and be provided with a refund. Premiumessay guarantees meeting deadlines without any losses in quality. That thing should be checked.

Among the drawbacks of the service, we could point out the limited range of writing services. Not all types of writing assignments and papers are represented on the site. So, if you want to order a dissertation or research report, you need to look somewhere else.

Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA

Photo, Jeswin Thomas. is a reliable custom paper writing service that has been operating on the market for about two years. They believe that they know everything about the challenges you may encounter if you want to achieve your academic progress but do not have enough time for all written assignments.

All that means that they are customer-friendly and helpful. The service provided some benefits, for example, a flexible pricing policy. They develop a pricing plan individually for each of their clients.

The content of their papers is unique because they say that plagiarism in any form is not allowed on the site. That matter needs to be considered and thoroughly checked. However, if they create the essays from scratch and use reliable sources of information, the statement can be entirely accurate.

Moreover, they work with all the citation styles you may need because their writers are true professionals who know a lot about how to achieve academic progress and what requirements to meet. They say that they work with more than 56- professional writers with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees who are experts in their fields. Is it really so? You will never know until you make a try.

Their customer service is available 24/7, and you can discuss all the nuances of your paper with them. Since they provide a wide range of writing services, they are interested in the best quality ever. That is why the prices are medium but not low. It may seem unaffordable for some students, but most people can cope with them.

The service offers unique content free from plagiarism and written from scratch. However, they allow for three revisions and can offer a refund if a client is still unsatisfied with the quality.

The website is properly protected from any third-party intrusion. They do not collect and resell papers. It is written in their terms and conditions. Moreover, they sell you the rights for your paper immediately after you pay for your order.

The only drawback of this custom essay writing service is that you cannot be sure whether all their authors are native English speakers. You will not find any consistent information about that.

Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA

Photo, Emmanuel Ikwuegbu. is one of the new custom essay writing services on the market. However, judging by their website interface and terms and conditions, it is quite ambitious and reliable. It is constantly gaining a positive reputation among the clients.

They offer a wide range of writing services, including theses and dissertations, which are in high demand these days. The service also claims to have several unique features and benefits for its clients. They do not set high prices for their work. Moreover, they offer a Loyalty Program which can make every next order cheaper than the previous one. They stand for the affordability of their services for all students without compromising the quality.

The website takes the clients’ privacy seriously, so they do all their best to protect sensitive data from leakage. All the assignments are carried out from scratch and they do not use any previous papers for their commercial purposes. They describe their writers as the most skilled ones on the market and most of them are really like that.

Though it is rather difficult to check whether all of them are true English native speakers. Still, you can see for sure is that each writer has gone through a thorough procedure of enrollment before starting their work with the company.

That influences the quality of all the papers very much. The deadlines are normally met, and the customer support team is always available. They provide a quick delivery which is possible even within 3 hours if needed.

The staff uses an individual approach to all clients’ needs. They support papers in different writing styles and citation formats which is convenient if you do not want to get lost in all those reference lists.

The obvious drawback here is that their customer support does not always answer quickly, so you may experience some difficulty if you need an immediate answer to your question.

Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA


What Is the Best Custom Essay Writing Service?

Using online custom essay writing services is not uncommon. Still, there is something you need to know before starting to use such services. The first question all students usually ask is what the best essay writing service is.

It is a bit difficult to provide an exact answer to this question. There are hundreds of writing service sites online nowadays. Some of them are reputable and respected by clients. They offer great quality and variety of paper writing services, moderate pricing, limitless revisions, refund options, error and plagiarism check reports, free samples of writing papers, and loyalty programs. The others are not like that.

When you have noticed that the website you entered does not have transparent and straightforward terms and conditions, does not offer any perks for students, no revision and refund policies, or the qualification of writers cannot be checked, it is better to stop your cooperation with them and look for something more reliable.

There is one more important thing to remember for every student. The price-quality correlation needs to be reasonable. If you are looking for too cheap essay writing services, in most cases you risk encountering bad quality, missed deadlines, a lot of plagiarism, and non-native writers who are mostly students with poor academic writing skills. Also, do not opt for those sites that offer to buy ready-made essays. They are usually full of errors and plagiarism.

That is why here are some characteristics of a good custom essay writing service:

— A good reputation among students and more positive than negative reviews on the independent sites (if all the reviews are positive, you can never be sure that they have come from the real users)

— A variety of services and types of papers the website can offer

— A strict policy on personal information security and confidentiality; transparent and straightforward payment policy without hidden payments or extra charges

— A perfect client-friendly customer service that is helpful and available 24/7; the possibility to ask for a revision and, if the quality of the paper does not suit you, for a refund

— The pool of professional and experienced authors with academic degrees and great writing skills who are ready to work for both English speaking students and non-natives;

— The number and quality of bonuses or perks the website is ready to offer its clients

— The reasonable pricing policy (prices do not have to be too low but not too high, either)

If you pay attention to just some of these factors, you will feel protected and confident about the quality of work you have ordered from the service.

Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA

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How to Find a Good Custom Essay Writing Service

This question is also commonly asked, especially by those who use such services for the first time or the students who have already faced poor quality or even fraud.

The best way of finding a reliable custom essay writing service is word of mouth. In this case, you will not have to make many tries and feel frustrated with the results. If one of your groupmates, neighbours, relatives, or colleagues has ever used such services, they can recommend the best one for you and your needs.

Another way is browsing the Internet. It is more time-consuming, and many people do not know where to start. So, let us consider some good advice.

1. Enter the meta tag ‘best essay writing service’ in the tab of your browser.

2. Start by looking through the first five positions in the search results.

3. Pay attention to the website’s interface – if it does not feel attractive and user-friendly, you would better skip it.

4. Look for the services and options they offer to students: a variety of tasks to be ordered and completed, the qualifications of its authors, the possibility to check for mistakes, plagiarism, revisions, and refund policies.

5. Look thoroughly through the terms and conditions. What you need to find is whether the site offers essay authorship to you after you have bought the paper. You will need it not to be caught by your institution.

6. Consider the payment policies, the number of payment options, and their availability in your place.

7. Be attentive to the confidentiality and privacy policy of the service – your sensitive information should not be available to third parties.

8. Look for the mechanisms of the completion of their orders, what brand new software and techniques they usually use, if they make the essays from scratch or use the ready-made essays.

9. Check the availability and professionalism of customer support because they will be the main link between you and the author.

10. Read the reviews of this website on independent sites and platforms.

If you still have a lot of doubts, it is better to move on and look for something else. You may ask what to do if you have not managed to find a reliable essay writing service. The answer is to go to the previous option and ask your friends or relatives.

Best Custom Essay Writing Services in USA

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Are There Any Legit Custom Essay Writing Sites?

All the custom essay writing sites are usually legit because you will never find any legislation in any country of the world which would say that the functioning of these websites is forbidden. Most of these services highlight that on their platform, so you may be completely sure that you will never be punished for using these websites.

However, if you have decided to order your essay from the custom essay writing service, you need to check their terms and conditions. You should know how transparent and straightforward their operations are. If they are registered and provide a great degree of security, everything is OK. Though, you need to be careful about the possibility of scams and fraud. That is why it is always better to check their legal functioning yourself.

You also need to check how well-protected your sensitive information is. Never provide your full name and the name of your educational establishment when you order a paper from this website. Your institution is sure to consider such a website illegal, and they may even conduct their own investigation and check who of their students is using its services at the moment.

Another matter of concern is plagiarism. Selling ready papers from open public platforms may be completely illegal. Such papers, no matter whether they cost cheaper, should evoke some sort of criticism. They may be of very poor quality and full of plagiarism. They can also use unreliable sources of information, fake research data, or just something which does not correspond to any academic criteria.

Plagiarism is forbidden and considered illegal in all educational institutions around the world. If your paper has been plagiarized, you will be punished. You will lose your academic reputation or just be suspended from the university. That is why you need to be very careful and check twice the essay writing website you want to order your paper from.


Is it illegal to have someone write an essay for you?

Of course, not. No legislation in any country of the world has imposed any restrictions on the work of custom essay writing services. That is why if you hire a writer to do an essay for you and pay them, it is not considered illegal. Though, the academic regulations and professors think another way.

However, if your essay is plagiarized or you are caught by ordering a paper from the online service, you may be punished by your academic institution, and it will affect your future academic progress a lot. And it is always a moral consideration whether to buy an essay from a special online service or do it yourself.

How much should you pay someone to write an essay?

Most custom essay writing services do not charge a lot for writing an essay for you. They do it because they understand that high fees may not be affordable for most students. The payment will depend on the number of pages you order, the urgency of your paper completion, and sometimes, especially if you order your paper from an individual author, on their qualifications.

The price can also vary from site to site because different websites provide their services to different categories of students. The reputable essay writing services also provide loyalty programs for returning customers or bonuses for those who use this service for the first time.

Can you get caught buying an essay online?

As a rule, you can never get caught if you have bought your essay online from a reputable and reliable website. However, you should remember to avoid buying essays from public places where they resell the papers done for other students. They are considered plagiarism and you can be punished for it.

One more thing for you to remember is that even if you have received your essay done by a professional writer, you need to look through it thoroughly and probably make some adjustments and corrections to avoid getting caught if you do not know what your essay is about. And you need to change the author’s name in the title of your file because if your professor is attentive enough, they can easily detect that your file belongs to someone else.

Can you trust essay writing sites?

Yes, you can completely trust most essay writing sites with a good reputation. Avoid public sales and websites that are not familiar – they can be a scam. To be sure that the website is trustworthy, have a look at the customer reviews on the independent sites and forums. You can also use word of mouth if one of your friends has ever used these services and can recommend them to you.

Read attentively the terms and conditions provided by every writing service and look for the rules that regulate the authorship of the texts. Remember that when you buy the paper, the authorship is yours already. One more thing to consider is whether the online service is reliably protected against the interference of third parties. If not, you may risk being detected by the staff of your educational institution who use such methods to fight the ordered essays and plagiarism.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is important to highlight again that the custom essay writing services you can find online are mostly legit. You can use them if you do not have time to do all your writing assignments properly. However, you need to be very attentive while choosing the best writing service for your specific situation and requirements.

We hope that considering all the information provided in this review as well as the tips and pieces of advice, you will be able to find the best writing service for you and boost your academic progress.

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