The Benefits Of Moving To A New Neighbourhood

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The Benefits Of Moving To A New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new neighbourhood? Discover all the benefits of moving to a more classy part of town and how to do it...

It’s most peoples’ dream to move to a nicer, classier part of town. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to do so. If you a fortunate enough to be able to, then this article will outline what the benefits are. It will reveal all you need to know about moving to a new neighbourhood.

The Benefits of Classier Neighbourhoods

Your Property’s Value

When you live in a nicer neighbourhood, your property’s value will stay the same, or go up. Your home is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make. Maintaining its value should be very important to you. Homes that are in good neighbourhoods are better able to maintain their value. If you do decide to sell your home in the future, you can be confident that you will get your money back.

There’s More to Do

One of the most noticeable benefits of living in a nicer part of town is increased access to amenities. Nicer neighbourhoods typically have swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness centres, public parks, shops, cafes, and restaurants. There’s a lot more to do when moving to a new neighbourhood like this. In lower-income neighbourhoods, there’s usually a distinct lack of amenities and things to do.

The Benefits Of Moving To A New Neighbourhood

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A Sense of Community

In more expensive neighbourhoods, you typically find a better sense of community. There will probably be a housing committee, which you can join, and which will give you an opportunity to meet your neighbours. There will also probably be get-togethers, like bake sales and fairs. A sense of community can help you to feel more ‘at home’ in your neighbourhood. In lower-income areas, while communities do exist, they are not as welcoming and tolerant of outsiders as more expensive neighbourhoods are.

Cleaner and Better-Maintained

It should be no surprise to you that more expensive neighbourhoods tend to be cleaner and better-maintained. This is usually because the community chip in and pay for things that need to be fixed, to get fixed. The local government also tends to focus more on expensive neighbourhoods and their maintenance. Overgrown grass, patches of weeds, and potholes tend to be resolved very quickly.

Nuisance Neighbours

In expensive neighbourhoods, it’s very uncommon to find nuisance neighbours. In less desirable neighbourhoods, they’re guaranteed. Barking dogs, loud music, cars coming and going all night, as well as drug use and loud arguments can make your home a living hell. In more expensive neighbourhoods, you don’t have to worry about any of these things.

The Benefits Of Moving To A New Neighbourhood

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Access to Transport Links

Nicer neighbourhoods typically have better access to public transport and road links. This is usually because nicer neighbourhoods tend to be in busier and more central districts. If you’re moving far out into the suburbs, then you can still expect to find regular bus services. You might also be able to access community car-pooling schemes, which will allow you (or your children) to hitch a ride with other families to and from school and work.

Better Schooling

Neighbourhoods that are more expensive usually have better schools. Even if you don’t have children now, you might someday. It’s worth researching local schools before you commit to an area. Buying a home in a good school zone will increase your property’s value, especially if the school is an independent or private one.

Safer and More Secure

Nicer neighbourhoods tend to have neighbourhood-watch schemes in place. This makes them much safer places to be. The type of people that commit crimes usually appear incongruous against the background of a nice neighbourhood. This allows you to identify ‘outsiders’ who could potentially pose a threat to your home.

In more exclusive, classier neighbourhoods, you can also be sure that if your neighbours spot somebody acting suspiciously, that they will not hesitate to phone the police. In nicer neighbourhoods, the community works together to root out and prevent crime. This is one of the primary benefits of living in neighbourhoods like this.

The Benefits Of Moving To A New Neighbourhood

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How Can You Move to A Classier Neighbourhood?

Moving to a classier neighbourhood isn’t always easy. They are usually much more expensive, and properties seldom come to market. When a property does come to market in a nicer neighbourhood, you can be sure that other people are going to move in on it quickly.

Most people do not have the money to buy a property outright. You might need to sell your house first before you can make an offer. There is a way that you can do this in a matter of from days, however. According to this specialist New York home buying company, Highest Cash Offer, you can get money for your property in a matter of days. By using a cash-for-homes company, you will be able to secure the property that you want.

Here are some other ways that you can move into a classier part of town:

Look Carefully

When it comes to more expensive neighbourhoods, assuming that you live in a big city, then you will likely be spoilt for choice. It’s important that you thoroughly research and find the best neighbourhood for you. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, such as the aforementioned transport links. Don’t make a decision until you’ve carefully researched your prospective neighbourhood.

The Benefits Of Moving To A New Neighbourhood

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Waiting Lists

Some communities have waiting lists. If you want to move into the neighbourhood, then you have to put your name down. You will likely be interviewed to assess your suitability. It can often take years before a house is allocated to you, so if you’re not patient, this isn’t the option for you.


If you do not have the money to buy a house, you could always rent. Renting in a classier neighbourhood will be expensive, but you will still enjoy most of the benefits that homeowners do. Renting in a classier neighbourhood can also incentivise working harder to buy your own home there. You should not have any difficulty finding properties in nicer neighbourhoods that offer long-term leases. You might also be able to access a rent-to-buy scheme.

Living in a nicer neighbourhood comes with a lot of benefits. They’re safer and friendlier. However, property prices are extraordinarily high at the moment. This means that moving into a nice neighbourhood is not going to be cheap. You might be able to access subsidised housing programmes in nicer neighbourhoods if you are on a reduced income. It’s definitely worth exploring your options because classier neighbourhoods are much nicer places to live.