Buying Yellow Diamond Jewellery


Buying Yellow Diamond Jewellery

Thinking of buying yellow diamond jewellery? Here are the four most important things that you need to know...

Coloured diamonds are increasingly popular, and yellow diamond jewellery is no exception. From yellow diamond rings and necklaces, to bracelets and earrings, yellow diamond jewellery looks cheerful yet classy and refined.

What Are Yellow Diamonds?

Like the more common clear diamond, yellow diamonds are precious stones formed over thousands of years within the earth’s crust. Yellow diamonds have a distinct natural yellow hue that can vary in intensity depending on the natural formation of the diamond.

Are Yellow Diamonds More Expensive?

Yellow diamonds are very rare, which can make them more expensive than clear diamonds. However, they are less rare than other coloured diamonds, such as pink diamonds. A diamond’s cost depends on the carat, clarity, colour and cut, (more on this later).

When it comes to yellow diamonds, the richer and more intense the colour, the more expensive.

Buying Yellow Diamond Jewellery? Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know

Photo, Philippe Van Doninck.

Is Yellow Diamond Jewellery A Good Investment?

Buying yellow diamond jewellery can be an excellent investment.

Firstly, the metal of the jewellery is often highly valued. Metals like gold tend to retain long term value, despite occasional short term price volatility.

The yellow diamonds themselves are generally considered a good investment because of the are trends towards coloured jewellery which make them more in demand.

Buying yellow diamond jewellery that is high quality, above two carats, and a pleasing hue of yellow (Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid) can make a smart investment.

What Can Yellow Diamonds Symbolise?

Different colours of diamond symbolise different things, so if you are buying a piece of yellow diamond jewellery for a loved one, it’s beneficial to know what it means.

Yellow diamonds symbolise cheerfulness, happiness, wisdom and intellect. Buying yellow diamond jewellery for a loved one can show them that you value a long-lasting and happy relationship and appreciate their knowledge and intelligence.

This makes this type of jewellery a great anniversary gift, a nice pair of earrings or a stunning necklace that fits the occasion perfectly.

(Yellow diamond rings are increasingly popular as engagement rings too.)

Buying Yellow Diamond Jewellery? Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know

Photo, Kate Hliznitsova.

How Is Yellow Diamond Jewellery Priced?

Depending on the type of yellow diamond jewellery you buy, the price can vary a lot.

This is because there are lots of factors influencing the price of the jewellery, including:

The Material Of The Jewellery: Yellow diamonds are often paired with white gold or platinum because the cool silver-finished complements the bright yellow stone. Both white gold and platinum are some of the most expensive metals in the world.

The Carat Of The Diamond: The carat is simply the weight of the diamond. One carat is 200 milligrams. Of course, the more the diamond weighs, the more expensive it is.

This is not to be confused with the perceived size of the diamond. Different cuts can make a diamond look bigger or smaller, despite the carats being the same.

Colour and Clarity: The richer the yellow of the diamond, the more expensive it is. Similarly, the purity of the diamond (the clarity) influences the price. The ‘clearer’ the diamond, the higher the quality and the higher the price.

The Colour: Of course, when it comes to yellow diamond jewellery, the richer the yellow, the more expensive it is. The palest yellow diamonds appear tinged with yellow, whereas the richest yellow diamonds look more like rich amber or golden syrup.

The Cut: The most expensive cut is ‘round brilliant’ because it requires the most skill and precision to make. It also sparkles the most. The cheapest cut is the emerald cut.