Top Ways to Grow Your Hair and Nails This Year

Photo, Averie Woodard.


Top Ways to Grow Your Hair and Nails This Year

After a year of lockdowns, it's time to start looking hot to trot again. Discover top ways to grow your hair and nails this year...

After a year of lockdown, we have all felt ourselves letting our appearance go. We have access to our hairstylist again, and we can now go out and get the nails we want. When we decide we want well-groomed longer hair and nails, we can use various tips and tricks to get our perfect look. Here we explore the top ways you can grow your hair this year and strengthen those nails.

Top Ways to Grow Your Hair and Nails This Year

Photo, Lazar Gugleta.

Growing your hair long quickly: Before you think we are going to offer you some magic trick, we are not. The route to beautiful, long hair is through good hair health. Hair grows at the rate it wants to grow – usually about 2 inches every few months. However, how much you need to cut off each time will impact how quickly you can get to your desired length. The likely cause of a momentary desire to have all your hair chopped off is the unmistakable frustration that you cannot get it to look good.

If you maintain your hair health, it will grow at half an inch a month. If you have inadequate levels of proteins and split ends, the hair will grow slower. You might even suffer from hair loss or thinning hair due to poor hair health. Therefore, these top ways are more than just a desire for a specific look; they are about avoiding more significant worries.

Medical Help? First, if the hair loss and thinning are severe enough, you may want to see a GP. The GP will refer you to a consultant who may be able to offer a treatment plan. However, be aware that we lose about a hundred strands of hair a day, completely healthy. Therefore, be sure to keep this in perspective. You may also want to look at your diet, stress levels and hormones before seeking any sort of topical treatments.

Hair-growth oils: Before you get excited, there is no such thing as a magic oil. You will not apply a product and overnight gain a beautiful flowing mane. However, hair growth oils offer the hydration and scalp care needed to act as a foundation for healthy hair growth. One of the most effective hair oils is castor oil, full of essential vitamins and minerals. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial and helps the hair to retain moisture. While it might seem odd to massage castor oil into your hair and scalp, it will do much to encourage healthy hair growth.

Take care of the scalp: The scalp is the foundation of your hair health. There are layers of skin in the scalp that include hair follicles, glands, nerves, etc., that impact hair growth and fibre’s health. Therefore, ensuring healthy blood flow and the level of nutrients in the scalp will help in the mission of healthy, long hair.

Growing nails fast: Like your hair, there is no magic trick for rapid growth. If you want super-long nails now, you probably must go the fake nails route. However, we can do things that will help our nails grow strong and prevent them from breaking or looking unhealthy. A lot depends on our genetics, but also on our lifestyle and our diet. You will also struggle to grow your nails if you have a nail-biting habit or work in a demanding profession on your hands.

Vitamins Multi Collagen Pills: A lack of collagen in our bodies can do more than lead to brittle nails. It can also result in weaker bones and dry hair and skin. Therefore, taking a vitamin supplement can help restore youthful skin, hair, bones, joints and more.

Biotin Gummies: Biotin is another essential ingredient for the growth of healthy hair, skin, and nails. These biotin gummies come in many different forms and are counted as a dietary supplement. The chewy sweets include this essential vitamin and Vitamin D and are a much better option than taking capsules. They are a way of stopping the nails from breaking or splitting, giving you a fighting chance to get the nails you want. For those of us with brittle nails, taking biotin on board in whatever form is essential.

Cuticle Oil: Like with hair, where managing the health of the follicle is a way to ensure strong growth, with a nail, it is all about the cuticle. The secret here, as with hair, is appropriate levels of hydration. Rubbing a cuticle oil into the nail bed can help nails grow strong and long.