Why Having A Television Still Matters

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Why Having A Television Still Matters

In days of high-def laptops and streaming, some have abandoned the humble television. Discover why having one still matters...

In this stressful world brought by the widespread effect of Covid 19, watching TV is one of the ways we turn into. Television is a great escape from stressful situations, boredom or to entertain ourselves. When you look for a house that has no television set, it is like you’re finding a needle in a haystack. Nowadays, due to its popularity, you can find new television sets that are more elegant and have more functions.

Why Having A Television In Your Place Still Matters These Days

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Ever since televisions are already in our homes, we could instantly turn them on and can give us easy and cheap entertainment without leaving our homes. In turn, we can save money as we don’t need to go to the cinemas and pay to watch. On this page, we will discuss the advantages and why television still matters in days of high definition laptops and streaming.

Advantages of Having a TV at Home: In our busy and stressful life these days, television is one of the ways we turn into. It is our way to escape or relieve stresses and unwind from our busy lives. And television is also a cheap and easy source of entertainment. Here are the advantages of why having a television at home still matters these days…

Television can keep us informed of the news, domestically and internationally. There are a lot of sites that offer channels that could keep us informed of the domestic and international news. For instance, Spectrum Channel Lineup offers channels that give out entertainment and news around the world. News that will update us on the happenings domestically and internationally. Do-it-yourself shows on TV give us easy access to all types of information. Shows like home upgrading gives us many money-saving tips on how to improve your home. For cooking channels, it offers new methods and recipes in cooking. And for financial programs, it gives advice on managing and investing your money. Also, watching TV can be a good teacher in learning new languages.

There are some television shows and channels which offer educational programs that can enrich our knowledge and cause us to be aware of the happenings around the world. And there are some that offer information that can motivate us in doing good things. Also, information that introduces people to certain fields; its advantages and examples. It is in order for people to be motivated in pursuing that dream.

Why Having A Television In Your Place Still Matters These Days

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One reason why television still matters these days because it makes us feel less lonely. Psychologists called the term social surrogacy, wherein we fill in the absence of our family or friends by watching TV. And this is backed by researchers that watching TV makes you feel less lonely.

Why Having A Television In Your Place Still Matters These Days

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Television can make you feel like you belong to a certain group. For instance, you have shows or programs you watch that are the same with a group of strangers, then you will be a part of that group. You will be able to form a group that has the same interest, in terms of shows or programs.

Watching TV can expand the knowledge you can store in your mind. There are some programs that let you virtually travel around the world. Shows that will introduce and teach you the different places, people, ideas, and cultures that you might not encounter in real life. Watching a variety of programs or shows on television might contribute to us a comprehensive understanding of the world we exist in. And the shows that would expose us to the things that we might never come across in our lives.

It can give families, friends, or strangers time to bond. It is the time that a family or group of friends can share insights on each of their favourite shows and might like those shows in the end. Watching television can be an opportunity for the parents to educate their children on certain themes that are confusing for the kids.

Television might be one way for parents to educate their children about sex education. For example, a teenage girl had an unwanted pregnancy, parents can teach their daughter about the effects of it. They may teach their children about having safe sex. And there may be health benefits that watching TV shows can give to us. For instance, shows that can make us laugh can boost our emotional intelligence. And there are shows that can entertain you during your workout sessions. According to a study, people that watch nature scenes feel more energised and can do their daily tasks.

Why Having A Television In Your Place Still Matters These Days

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Benefits of TV to Children: Why does having a television still matter these days? It is because we can be a guide to children in watching TV and teach them the importance of being an active and engaging viewer. Here are some of the benefits of television to children.

— Television can be a catalyst in a child’s reading skills. While children are watching educational shows, a parent can follow it up by reading a book with the same content on the show. It is one way for children to clearly absorb the information given to them.
— Watching TV can be an interactive instrument for children to learn and share different cultures with others.
— Having a television at home can be one way for children to learn important values and life lessons. Children can be taught by educational programs the important values and life lessons that should be instilled in their everyday life.
— The current events, news, and historical shows are shown on TV can help children be aware of other cultures and people.
— Through watching educational programs, children can develop their learning and socialisation skills.
— Documentaries shown on television can help children in developing their critical thinking about society and the world.
— Programs about cultures of other countries can open the children’s minds to the world of art and music.
— Television can be a way to introduce classic local and foreign films that they might not then see.

Television is one way to escape from our busy and stressful life and can entertain us from boredom. Thus, the above advantages or benefits of televisions sums up why having TV still matters these days.